Feds: Capitol Hill Riot Is Emboldening Homegrown Extremists | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Feds: Capitol Hill Riot Is Emboldening Homegrown Extremists | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Homeland Security Dept. officials are warning the the Capitol Hill insurrection is emboldening domestic terror threats. Katie Benner of The New York Times joins to discuss. Aired on 01/28/2021.
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Feds: Capitol Hill Riot Is Emboldening Homegrown Extremists | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. White Supremacist groups have actually borrowed recruiting tactics from ISIS and Al-Qaeda. But Y’all Qaeda is pretty funny.

    2. @D K if you look up the ideological goals of terrorism it becomes even more messed up they played right into the hand of what the 911 attacks were supposed to accomplish. It’s honestly terrifying to watch.

  1. Why did 45 GOP senators vote to stop proceeding with impeachment trial?
    How does an innocent rally cost $2.7 million?
    Why was there a secret meeting 1/5 at Trump hotel instead of at WH?
    Why is McCarthy flying to Florida to meet with DT instead of using phone or video conferencing?

  2. Homegrown starts with GOP Congressmen and women … never in the history of this country, have we ever allowed 1 man brainwash people and lawmakers!

    1. That’s why the impeachment is VITAL! It has the power to force Cruz, Hawley, Graham and others, to take the stand, where they will be forced to admit they knew, “the steal,” was a seditious lie! What’s their alternative? Get eviscerated, under oath, before America on live TV, for trying to explain why they, “believe,” that idea? Or go with the Nuremberg Defence? “I was only following orders”??? Then there’s the fact that the entire thing was not spontaneous, but a planned attempt at a Coup! No wonder the GOP will do ANYTHING to stop it now. We CANNOT ALLOW THAT!

  3. If this continues and the authorities fail to take decisive action, then the left will be forced to counter-attack… and we outnumber the right-wing by an enormous number. Count on it.

    1. @JF Chan Neng what news sources do you watch I will watch them to try to understand your point of view does that sound fair even q nutty stuff

  4. The question is what is Congress going to do about politicians who are currently using their status and public office to enable extremism with their lies and inflammatory rhetoric?

    1. We see this almost every night with the political class in Portland, Oregon. Do you see nightly riots. On the night of our new president was sworn in we had antifa and the anarchist attack federal buildings, private businesses and even our democrat state party office was attacked. The insurrectionist said they didn’t care about Biden and wanted him out.
      We saw a similar anti-government interaction in Seattle involving the J20 group.
      Our new press secondary was asked about this and whether Joe was going to come out in opposition to these groups and she kind of danced around the issue. Why is it so difficult to say that he opposes antifa and the anarchist and the J20 insurrectionist? We need Joe to stand up and speak out against all these violent groups.

    2. These same domestic terrorists stormed Michigan’s house of representatives with assault rifles and wasn’t prosecuted…….later they were caught planning the murder of the governor. Take care of the threat or it will grow stronger.

    3. @D mpk well they weren’t the same ones because the ones from Michigan are in jail. We seem to like to differentiate between those people that and those that are perpetuating nightly violence in Portland, those who are rioting in Seattle and at a lesser extend in Denver the night of Joe’s Inauguration. Joe needs to come out against all these extreme groups and particularly give some of the corrupt political class in Portland the ability to quell the riots.

  5. NEVER FORGET that GOP is okay with terrorist attacks on public servants, murder of FBI and cops. See them sneering behind the smiles thinking they are safe

    1. And as has been demonstrated by Trumpers, all that any GOP members has to do is say the wrong thing, take the wrong position, or say something not quite the way they want it said JUST ONE TIME, and they’ll turn on them and call for their execution. It surprises me that this happened to Pence, and it didn’t phase any of them.

    2. @Bidenloser Kamalakneepads get a grip it was all over news and media. The biggest moron is the one fooling himself problem with practicing your lies in front of a mirror first is you actually start believing it

  6. Email your Congress wo/man for expulsions & to convict post impeachment to ensure future bar from Office. Thank you.

    1. Yeah they were all white supremacists poses as whoever. They know you people are dumb and can easily be fooled. You noticed blm were 80% white.

    2. @Gee Mcgraff from the videos I seen of rioting and looting. Those were the blackest white suprematist I’ve ever seen.
      But why Antifa and BLM are mostly white.
      But that doesn’t excuse them from being a extremist group. And should be held accountable just as any rightwing extremists group.
      But as usual the left excuses their extremists groups.
      In true two faced double standard fashion.

  7. Of course they are becoming emboldened. And it will happen again if those responsible aren’t held accountable and face the consequences.

  8. Trump trying hard to make work the Watergate lie .. The same very lie that Hitler used for grasp power years ago .

  9. Doesn’t the government have a way to deal with terroristic threats and national security? Hint: Osama Bin Laden. Hint: Osama Bin Laden. Hint: Donald J Trump. Bingo!

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