1. MP`s when answering questions behave a s if they were responsible to no one. Listen to Trudeau or Freeland answering questions-they don`t. They only show arrogance and contempt for Canadians and democracy.

    1. Well , it’s like this, Quebec will get it first, then the area of Toronto that voted Liberal, then the Atlantic provinces and the ridings around Vancouver ( for helping block the pipelines) and last will be Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, because they don’t vote Liberal. That’s my guess.

    2. @Mark Anthony y would liberals favor those who blocked pipelines, its government sponsored extraction, delivery n is now owned by crown corp. Purchased by the liberals under Trudeau. And Ontario is under PC control no matter how T.O voted but as its got one of the highest case loads in canada they could b towards the front of the line.

    1. @Kosta Thomas are you sleeping, lobotomized or dumb. wake up it’s a flu at this point. fear mongering worked really well on you.

    1. @ak .fortyseven I’m with you there, but there’s a lot of carrots and sticks they can use to make your life miserable if you don’t take it.

    1. Definitely not 100%. Why does he keep saying all Canadians.
      And risks of taking it. So dont. Only 9 month in.
      The first jab needs to be trudeau and his family live on vid

    1. Yes, cloned from Conan O’Brien’s toenail clippings. The experiment was 80% successful so he only kinda looks like him.

  1. -Patient:
    Doctor, when will the coronavirus epidemic end?
    I don’t know, I’m not interested in politics 😉

  2. To display leadership, we should demand that the PM, Ministers, Premieres, and Health officers be the first ones

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