Feds issue apology to victims of military sexual misconduct 1

Feds issue apology to victims of military sexual misconduct


Federal government minister Anita Anand address survivors of sexual misconduct in the military.

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  1. Well that just makes it all better. The only thing that the liberals actually deliver on is apologies. I guess this wasn鈥檛 more than they could give this time.

  2. The civil service in Ottawa is loaded with Lawyers..basically she has told them f off and go to court in civil trial…based on burden of proof with the defense…yuuckk

  3. Hard to know if all these cases were real
    They are handing out tens of thousands for EACH claim
    Now there’s over 175000

  4. Bravo to the minister and the government for coming out to acknowledge the wrongs the military institution had done to all those woman.

  5. “Survivors”? How many died that we can only see the survivors?
    Who would of thought that this would happen? oh wait, everyone, everywhere for the past 12,000 years.

  6. Can we stop labeling everything with such drama?
    Survivor of misconduct?
    While inappropriate and certainly a level of misconduct was involved; survivability was never in question.
    Comes up with these buzzwords anyways?

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