Feds land deal with Volkswagen, but what does it mean for Canada? | Power Play with Vassy Kapelos

Industry Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne breaks down how the feds landed a deal with Volkswagen, and what it may mean for Canadians.

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  1. As before, it is just a stop over on the way to Mexico.. They were financed by the govt back in the 90s when they set up an alum wheel mfg plant in Barrie. I used to make a lot of custom fixtures for their exhaust systems, that were sent to Mexico before they claimed Canada was not profitable enough. Free money being given out in Onterrible always attracts the Germans

  2. Wouldn’t it make more sense to build this plant in Alberta under the “just transition” policy as the federal Liberals aim to put 100,000 Alberta oil workers out of work?

    1. Albertans would rather lick the coal dust off their truck tires than own and drive an electric car. AB has no automotive manufacturing at all. ON is a major auto hub. There are more electric cars in Barrie ON with a population of 150k than there are in Edmonton with a population of 1 million+. Also, the wage difference is huge between AB and Onterrible. they don’t have to work as cheap as ON when the oil Industry pays so well. PS: I am from ON but I work in AB.

  3. Smoke and mirrors since it takes forever to get permits and jump through all the hoops,won’t see anything on this for 5yrs sat least

  4. I actually kind of agree with him on this one when we holds back information on how much they spent to acquire VW. If I was in the process of making a deal with the feds to bring my plant to Canada and then I hear that VW got a much bigger cheque than expected, then I’m definitely going to call them out on that, and I would want more $ for my deal with the feds. It’s ultimately bad for the country if we just go around saying how much we spend to sway companies to invest in our country.

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