Feds launching CAF misconduct independent review 1

Feds launching CAF misconduct independent review


Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan announced an Independent External Comprehensive Review into harassment within the Canadian Armed Forces.

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  1. Sajjan was informed about sexual misconduct in 2018 & chose to ignore it. So no you were not there to support the women, you kicked them to the curb to support your old boy network. You abused your power by ignoring evidence that was handed to you. The only acceptable response at this point is your resignation.

  2. Keep making new laws when the laws are already there. You just make up new bill for existing laws to make it seem like youre doing something to take action to draw away from your incompentace.

  3. No one supports you in the federal government, they’re all watching out for themselves that’s for sure. You can’t complain about the conduct because no one supports you, you even go to a lawyer, she tells you to go through your chain of command, the federal government is so corrupt and culture is look after who
    Supplies your paycheque. Hypocracy

  4. This guy has not bin doing his job and has bin hiding this fact and covering up there lack of leadership

  5. He is only announcing an external independent reporting now that emails and evidence shows they ignored the problem.
    Yesterday’s house caused quite a raucous on this. I hope this isn’t all just lip service and no action like everything else they do

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