Feds outline second set of rules for air passenger rights

Feds outline second set of rules for air passenger rights 1


The final phase outlines new rules for compensation, children's seating, flight delays and cancellations.

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4 Comments on "Feds outline second set of rules for air passenger rights"

  1. I can’t understand him

  2. Wonder if these rules will apply to the airlines operating in Nunavut? Planes rarely leave on time when travelling to the northern communities. The northern airlines don’t compensate for delays or cancellations unless it is due to mechanical problems. I’ve been stuck for more than a week because of weather and when that happens you’re on your own with hotels costing close to 300$ a night. Would be so helpful if they too had to follow these same rules.

  3. Govt regulation running business eh what that joke it seems now. Prices now going up airfares become now higher and become conflict against the free market…
    Of course, govt want Canadian to stay in the country to avoid travel..

  4. “I would really love to hear Minister Garneau explain to the public in
    what situation passengers will get any compensation,” Gabor Lukacs with
    Air Passenger Rights says. “It strikes me as a big, hollow nothing.”
    I believe Mr. Lucas way before a typical politician in cahoots with airlines/lobbyists/revenue . follow the big money and you’ll find the biggest liars there.

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