Feds provide update on COVID-19 in Canada

Canada’s health ministers provide update for Canadians as measures continue to ease amid variants.

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  1. My boss needs to know what covid is after three long long long years he still hasn’t figured it out

  2. If covid ever goes away Dr.Facui and my safety director John won’t have anything to stand around and talk about every day

  3. *WE DON’T WANT YOUR UPDATES……..WE moved on, but you still want your control!……WE ARE NOT SCARED!!*

  4. Myself and many, many others are suffering severely from mental illnesses like depression. I did not choose this and my life is flushing down the toilet. I ask that anyone who reads this, know that more needs to be done to understand and help. I am on a fist full of pills that leave me most days debilitated and the professional help is more dedicated (it would seem to me after 2 years of trial and mostly error) to feeding me pills than actually help me regain a sense of dignity and return to a functional and contributing member of society. Most days I cannot even be creative. Everyone can help me by talking about mental illness and reduce the stigma associated with it. If I can help others even at the risk of my own life, it would be worth it. Just please talk about mental illness.

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