1. i dont know cause that guy asking the question seemed like he’d never practiced before it was sloppy and his response he sounds a little hysterical. but i hope nobody gets special privileges for celebrities or sports teams for vaccines

    2. @CodCats I don’t see how this is a big impact. It will be a few thousand vaccines which is a small percentage of the billions of vaccines being made.

    3. The NHL most definitely has a right to purchase its own, what an asinine question this reporter asks. Like Hajdu said, as long as it doesn’t come from the governments order.

    1. idiocy at its best…private companies and individuals can buy directly from the manufacturer…nothing to do with Trudeau.

  1. Click bait…..of course a private company or individual can buy directly from the company that makes it.
    First its the government cant make me wear a mask, now its government how come you aren’t stepping in…..cybil much

  2. Pass on the placebo…anyone list a player in any league that has died of Covid…Hell how about a VIP, Celebrity, Diplomate, leaders of any Country not over 70 with health issues.

    1. @ET Himself let me know how many younger folk have died, HINT.. under 20…3…FACT… and you didn’t answer my initial question.

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