Feds say they will continue to ‘refine’ measures to prevent interference | CTV’s Question Period

Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino discusses the changes they are implementing to prevent foreign interference.

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  1. “we will refine our measures so our donations from PRC are not caught, and their interference is not as easily spotted”

  2. Sure hope the RC’s are decrypting that encrypted data they are collecting from those ISP taps on those prc troll farms. Whoops i meant “police stations”

  3. Marco speaks with fork tongue ….again ,as usual .See how fast he would ” refine ” if his butt and family were threatened. I’m guessing multiple armed guards and escorts aka Justin Trudeau’s preferred mode of travel since he became terrified of his own countrymen.

  4. “Blah blah blah trust me”
    – typical liberal MP.

    How could anyone feel safe in Canada when their leaders refuse to answer a single question properly.

  5. This minister can’t answer the question right away we need a transparent public inquiry or new government.

  6. Attempting to listen to Mendicino is a waste of time. After he redirects the interview to suit his purposes, what we are subjected to can be only be described as “bafflegab.”

  7. Go Vashi, get him to answer the question! Something the liberals just don’t know how to do. Answer a single freaking question.

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