1. @Collin Fraser you muppet the buyback hasn’t even gone through. You don’t even know what’s going on and you’re trying to have an opinion.
      Get lost.

  1. wish they would take a new route and leave the political offices. How s this going to stop illegal handguns???

    1. Well smuggling is now going to be really illegal. So smuggling will now stop because Justin said so.

  2. Responsible gun owners have to take a course and get certified to own a gun. Criminals just buy there weapon that has been smuggled over the border. I would like to see the NDP/Liberals legislate them.

    1. @Anthony B.
      That is NOT true at all. NS shooter was NOT legal gun owner. Please check the news & facts

    1. To the contrary, evidence from Canada and other comparable countries shows a direct correlation between stricter guns laws and fewer crimes using guns.

  3. I just ordered 2 new Glocks online. Lets beat that deadline lol. Trudeau and his liberal clowns are the best gun salesmen Canada has ever seen.

    1. @bsstyle123 yeah I know but do you truly feel like you need one right now?? Or is this your way of sticking it to the liberals

  4. Logic would suggest that you crack down on the gangs that are responsible for 99% of gun violence

    1. @Paulo Bainz From what I’m reading police don’t routienly trace guns used in crimes.

  5. Canadians are struggling to pay rent/mortgages, bills, food, gas, and THIS is priority legislation? What an embarrassment.

    1. @Simqer. I hope you live in America, otherwise, this argument doesn’t make sense.

      Guns are already highly restricted in Canada.

    2. @Simqer if you think banning a legal gun will protect anyone you are mistaken 1.6 million self defence situation with a firearm in one year compared to 19 thousand homicides. I had a police officer in school and I felt great. Sounds like you don’t want the kids to be safe

    1. @CStanton I found the ignoramus! Look at you trying to belittle someone you don’t even know lol

    2. If he so wholesale, why we paying more for gas than retail? Dude is marked so far up, we can’t really even call him a loss-leader anymore.

  6. “We’re capping the market for handguns,” No Trudeau, you just gave the illegal handgun market the incentive of a lifetime.

  7. Gangsters are not gonna give up their handguns. And they don’t need a license, since they’re criminals.

  8. Oh finally, it was about time he made illegal firearms prohibited. I now feel totally safe. If only now we could make drugs and crimes illegal too I’m sure all will be peachy.

    1. You think criminal wont be able to get those firearms ? Lmao!!
      Making crime illegal?!? hahaha you totally make sense bro!!

    2. Fool’s, the criminals will all be laughing while putting money in the bank. You absolutely believe assault rifles and hand guns will disappear? WOW, just WOW!

  9. Much easier to punish law-abiding sport shooters than tackle organized crime in racialized communities.
    Virtue signallers gonna virtue.

    1. @Barry Steven Young What would you define as a better hobby? Since when are hobbies ranked?

    2. @Barry Steven Young they even wanted to remove some air soft guns dude. Enjoy your hobbys and ill enjoy mine.

  10. For the longest time, I thought that to “table” something meant to bring it forward or have it proposed in a meeting. Recently however I learned that to table something actually means to suspend it indefinitely.

    1. @Papillon Dogs How so? The criminals will still have and be able to obtain hand guns.

    2. @Papillon Dogs
      why is that? How is legally gun owned is a problem in Canada? Please DO educate yourself!
      also thousands of guns/firearms are stolen every year from police vehicles & stations; so the crimes committed by ILLEGALLY GUN OWNED will continue to be a problem.
      ANY informed Canadian should be worried & in disbelief. Here’s why:
      1. How exactly are legally owned gun a problem in/for Canada?
      2. thousands of firearms are stolen yearly from police vehicles & stations. THAT IS a big part of the problem.
      3. Canada ALREADY has the most strict & toughest gun laws.
      4. Crimes are committed by ILLEGALLY obtained guns. How will banning LEGALLY owned guns solve the problem?
      5. Legal gun owners do NOT walk around with guns. Canadian law does NOT permit ‘carrying permit’.
      6. Economy will be negatively affected; legal gun ownership is economy booster in Canada, leave alone “buy back!!!!” Woooo

  11. Hilarious but expected that it’s beyond Trudeau’s mental capacity to grasp that this will do absolutely nothing to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

    1. @DanSk451 actually not proven to fail. Canadians don’t have any issues with legally owned firearms. Only illegally smuggled guns are an issue and Trudeau doesn’t punish those criminals. So …

  12. There has only been 2 murders committed with legally owned guns in canada in 22 years. Every other murder was committed with an illegally possessed firearm. More words on a piece of paper will do nothing

    1. I kind of doubt that, there were two shootings just here in New Brunswick in the past two years. Of course they weren’t handguns, so maybe thats what you mean. Domestic violence has always been high and yet gets no attention. Poverty is the reasone behind organized crime and most of the issues with police. And yet nothing is done to deal with poverty.

    2. @Mike Archibald were the guns lawfully possessed? This factor is kind of critical to refuting his argument

  13. So we not gonna talk about how this bill bans “replica firearms” as well? Or are we just gonna hide that bit?

  14. Never one to miss making a news story in an entirely different country, to be all about himself.

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