Feds to scrap PCR test requirements for short trips to U.S. | COVID-19 border restrictions 1

Feds to scrap PCR test requirements for short trips to U.S. | COVID-19 border restrictions


Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino provides the details of Canada's new rules for fully vaccinated Canadians returning from the U.S.

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  1. What they meant to say was “some city counselors exposed our testing scandal flaws, so now we are scrapping it”

  2. When are they going to admit that PCR test doesn’t work at all? I haven’t been eating kiwi since I saw one test positive for covid, I love and miss kiwi, please government, hurry up!

  3. Excuse me so if your outside Canada for 73 hours you have to take a test? What you can not contract covid inside that 72 hours? Governments andmpoliticions have become such a joke….it is pathetic.

    1. Same thing for the negative test within 3 days to get onto a plane. You can catch covid on the taxi ride to the airport…

    2. Well its because the vaccines are so effective and the science, science I say, that they need these regulation.

  4. I love how foreign ‘individuals’ can travel wherever they want but a born citizen can’t pick up a simple sandwich in some places. The entire country is a disgrace. Stay strong Canada!

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