Feedback Question | TVJ News - August 9 2021 1

Feedback Question | TVJ News – August 9 2021

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  1. Later for that! Andrew Holness made a statement in the paper that said, It is the lower class of people that are going into the corner shops to buy 5 gallons of oil and rice that are not wearing masks that are causing covid cases. Mr. Holness why does it have to be the lower class? The reason why we are lower class is because your country cannot provide jobs for its people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Trying to locate where Andrew Holness touched on the Human rights issues..
    I’d love him to know that we saw him Speak and we are listening.

    It still doesn’t seem as if Mr. Holness has joined the conversation.

    It did seem that he “broad brushed” the issue…
    However, he did acknowledge that he’s paying attention.

    It’s important to let Andrew Holness know that we are watching him & his reaction, because the investigations are not yet over, and the public is yet to hear the findings.

    Thus, as the leader, his voice matters.

    Where do we go from there?

    Will the leader take up the debate fully?
    Or will he continue to pay attention from his hiding place..?

    We can’t tell him what to say nor do..
    But as the debate rages on, the leader must take the mantle and give his Narrative ..

    Lead us foward.

    Will there be a need for legislative ammendments to protect human rights for rasta’s?

    Will people in state custody be guaranteed professional treatment at the very least?

    Where will we go from there?

    Will we see the Bold Prime Minister?

    Or will Bro Gad continue to watch from his corner?

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