Feedback Question | TVJ News – July 19 2022

Feedback Question | TVJ News - July 19 2022 1


  1. Improve the island borders, improve island wide housing, sewage drains get better flooding precautions. That gives you no worries for hurricanes. Other than that, phone line communication defense, so that Jamaica doesn’t lose connection to the outside world if there were to be an emergency. And harbour/ pier supports so that boats don’t get lost out at sea fix the light houses for inward and outward travel.

  2. Not all of Jamaica has these improvements, much like water as well. The least people need for now is a proper water filtration system for emergency. If they have water regularly or if they don’t a large water tank for areas with low water pressure would do wonders for the community. Food and technology has never been a problem for Jamaica the reality is it has been little to no water for some and little to no funds to properly share and have a peace of mind.

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