Feedback Question | TVJ News - March 25 2021 1

Feedback Question | TVJ News – March 25 2021


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  1. My views on it.? How many members of his congregation have come up missing since he bacame the preacher?

  2. That’s a total nonsense people in jamaica do their errands mostly in the afternoon ,and for him to up the country in Lock down at 12 pm is a no . That’s the busiest time of day for people to do their shopping ..Mr prime minister you need to do better that that .America is a more advance Country and we are beyond that stage now .Give the people of Jamaica time to get their groceries and other stuff together. Come on Now

    1. So true ! Many christians and their leaders are frustrated and disappointed , because they are deceived , the false prophets conned the people , take their money and made them promises they cannot fulfil. It is only going to get worse as the reality of the economic downturn begin to squeeze harder in a cashless jobless society…The offering plates ,as well as the dinner plates will take a a beating

  3. He need to lock up… For a man of god and a church leader that individual she lead by example. Not to put more dent in the situation that already exit…
    These people believe they must not fellow rule and laws…
    The that why jamaica cannot get better

    Crime is up because people think they are above the law…

  4. Am living in the UK for the last 20 years and i never heard no one saying those things to the prime minister everyone respect the decision of the prime minister if the citizens don’t respect the law of the country the country is not going to get better that pastor should be charged and sent to prison god bless England god help Jamaica

    1. Go Repent …look hoa everybody do trump …Leave the man a God ,

      God angry man kind desperatly wicked !!!

    2. SSHHHHH…u get to go about your normal business u have seen some sort of normalcy wherever u are, us Jamaican’s residing in jamaica have not, curfew for over a year, caah go no where, food prices are up, a majority of the society is unemployed, who feels it knows it, so empathize with the Pastor, chances be u would be feeling the same

  5. The Pastor has his human right to speak… The church does not fight against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers….I don’t think anyone believes the Pastor would seriously even attempt killing whomever he mentioned in his post… He couldn’t stand in his church again, out of a Job the same Job he’s trying to speak up for… Let HIM GO… and go find the murderers, rappist and scammers who are hurting innocent civilians….But it seems the Government afraid God strip them of their power… because if that’s all him say Holy ghost fire… come on and PM say him a church man ….KMT …. Gwaan go pray n make God give u wisdom to lead the Nation of Jamaica through this pandemic and keep our country running without external help so we can take care of our people…..

    1. To add to this. I didn’t hear a threat, he was given a revelation and he delivered on it. He did say I am going to kill u or harm anyone.

  6. where and how did he threatened the pm????? media people like unuh twist facts and put people life at risk. so if everybody should come and say that God gave them a word to tell the pm say if him nuh repent etc death angel ago circle him house hold him ago lock up the whole island????

  7. Free the man of god and open up the church.freedom of speech is a must.Andrew your skin to thin stop been petty. There are more important things to worry about like fix the crime crisis

  8. Pastor never threatened the itiot. Saying he must go down is a regular term used by everyone saying that the wicked must go down in most cases means that they will selfdistruct.


  10. Is it treated or is it from the bible?
    Will the people wake up to see that this is a piece of government.?

  11. He is flesh and blood. Everybody is frustrated. Give him another chance and warn him. Everyone deserves a second chance.

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