Feedback Question | TVJ News - March 8 2021 1

Feedback Question | TVJ News – March 8 2021


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  1. Jamaicans we need to wake to this Orrelion State that Andrew Holness and Christopher Tufton is pushing so hard to implement and to visit on the less informed pesants of Jamaica.Folks what you all need to understand is that all Act of Parliament is in itself Commercial by its very nature, meaning that your CONSENT is required every step of the way, furthermore every Agent of the Government is required to have Limited Liability Insurance otherwiise called a Bond whilst operating in the public. Essential the Bond secures their Oath of Office. It has been my firm belief that unless any Agent of the Government is prepared to swear an Oath under penalty of perjury and full commercial liability to the truthfullness and validity of his statements. They cannot be believed. I have said all that to this. If you remember the Iraq War the weapons of mass destruction , no weapon was found, yet they still invaded. Here we have similar senario where every single death has been attributed to Covid 19. Cancer, Heart Attack the leading cause of death not to mention Aids everybody seem to gone underground. Did you notice the way Andrew just dropped in the arrival of the new vaccine. Jamaicans i.m asking you take time out under lockdown and google The Commercial Lien Process and lean how to perfect an Affidavit of Truth, No Court is necessary for this process. Unless Andrew Holness and Dr Cristopher Tufton can provide tangible medical evidence pertaining to social distancing and mask wearing and their effectiveness or otherwise as far as Im conerned the narrative theyre spitting out on the News every day is pure chineese whisper. Remember the Law always provides a remedy and yours is in the form of a Commercial Lien. To quote Patrick Henry: Is live so dear and peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chain and slavery??. Fordid it Almight God I know not what path others may take, but for me,, give liberty or give me death.

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