1. A very good proposal , I personally have thought about this many times and I am so glad to see someone who is in public office has finally come forward with such a great proposal .

  2. So is this test for those who don’t or won’t reveal the baby dads..what is the purpose of the data?..i am confused..how does it affect our society?.
    If it is to prove fatherhood…they can leave or stop partake in the child affairs after a while.
    So what is the end game here?.
    I am concern because if i have a child and i know who i sleep with…why would my baby go through that exercise..for another into another situation.

    1. @Robert Mignott So why the questions signs….cause you never thought of them…but jump to say you were wondering when it will happen.
      We are all separate families on earth…and we bring no child in the earth to man but to God.
      Did they fast into yours when you born or those who are requesting it.
      So give the baby a chance.
      Knowing a child Dna does not stop the father from having financial problems..in this stiff economy.
      So i am yet to get the point of this.

  3. Brilliant idea…
    1. Genetics.. the child will know who there true family members are…

    2. A..Accountability.. the father can be easily held responsible for the child especially in the court of law.
    B.. No woman should be having sexual relation with multiple men within such a short time-frame to not know for certain who impregnate her.

    3. Relationships wise it prevents persons from dating there relatives.

    If a woman is honest with a man that she is not certain he is the father and that man still decides to accept the child that is a totally different story.

    We don’t know if knowing for a fact will fix the issue of negligence with some fathers but every child need there true identity.

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