1. The state of emergency only help for a little time in my views.. but pon a wide a scale I think the jamaican government need to seek international help from overseas because jamaican people don’t trust the justice system so they need someone who they can trust. Not a little man round a corner were u give him a ting $$$ and everything good

  2. No. Jamaica needs to bring back the death penalty. Crime will slow down during the state of emergency but will return as soon as the solders and police leave. They can kill people because living in prison eating tax payer money is no consequence remember some people don’t have the means for food so being in prison is a plus. So that’s why I’m calling for the death penalty.

  3. The government need to implement strict measures within the communities where the violence is taking place and stop using these police and soldiers to increase traffic at our borders. They need to go and fight crime instead of holding up the road resulting in the ppl running late for work.

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