1. Are fraudsters news organizations that purposefully don’t show stories about their employees brother who is a raging pervert? That’s kind of fraud right?

  2. Cuomo on the Trump admin:
    *”This administration is degrading towards women.”*
    Little did we know he was talking about his own.

    1. ABSOLUTELY!!! Funny how you won’t see any video of Cuomo’s investigation won’t be talked about!!

    2. Do you not wonder why republikkklans are f9llong cnn comment sections? They hate cnn… BECAUSE ALL THEY DO IS PUSH THE LIE Democrats are too smart for republikkklan lies

    1. @Hyperpandas You KNOW he’s talking about CNN not making a video about Cuomo being found guilty of sexual harassment.

  3. It’s a shame that CNN banned Chris from interviewing his brother.
    I feel like this whole sexual harassment thing could of been solved with that ridiculously oversized Q-Tip.

  4. Buy AMC while you can because when Citadels Crimes come forward and it’s time for them to pay it’s gonna be madness.

  5. When my parrot can smash 1k views in 5 minutes on a reel, yet CNN is dancing at 37 minutes barely smashing 982 views with 12.7 million subscribers is pretty sad

    By all means make it political, you’ll just look like a halfwit

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