‘Feeling The Pressure’: Why The Trump Grand Jury Is Unique | MSNBC 1

‘Feeling The Pressure’: Why The Trump Grand Jury Is Unique | MSNBC

The Manhattan DA convened a grand jury to hear evidence and weigh charges against former president Donald Trump and the employees of the Trump Organization as part of the criminal probe into the company, according to reporting from The Washington Post. Former DOJ official Andrew Weissmann joins MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber to discuss the significance of this "unusual" grand jury. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @Sarah F. 4.1 so what? Because that greatly expands the likelihood that the prosecution is disingenuous.

      He is being prosecuted vindictively in an area where the bias and hyper partisan ideology Are extremely strong. This increases the likelihood of a conviction irrespective to the facts.

      There’s a reason they are using a grand jury investigation. This is what is usually done win they cannot match the burden of proof generally required for an indictment. The entire point here is to generate political pressure.

    1. @Jim Harris Right, as you point out, Republicans published their Senate Intel Report into the Biden’s back in September, 2020. After finding no crimes or wrong doing, they exonerated the Biden’s. You can bet everything you own, had they found anything, they’d have used it in the 2020 Presidential election.

    2. @midknight Let’s be honest, ‘MAGAts’ have spent the past 4+ years trying to convince us that 2+2 =5. They failed almost as many times as Donald Trump himself.

    3. @Bazooka Joe Is there a super wealthy person – like worth a billion dollars – in prison? Normally they have expensive lawyers that negotiate a money penalty. As I understand, he gets other people to do his dirty work, avoids signing anything that would be incriminating – all for the purpose of plausible deniability.

  1. Trump should go to prison for the remaining of his life he’s got life trump knows he’s done wrong.!!!

    It is what it is

    1. @cookie 2118 I wrote one of the FEW things he got right. Had he actually put America first he would have won huge. He chose to put Trump first instead and Americans paid the price big time and he became unemployed as a result.

      He is something like 1 out of 60 in recent court cases and has plenty to lose in the future. Though fear not when the legal action becomes strong enough he will run for president as though his freedom and money depended on it. His chances of winning are quite close to zero.

    2. @cookie 2118 You mean the way he pushed back other world leaders to be in front for a photo op at the Geneva Convention??

    3. @john smith the world leaders took what trump said serious and at least he ain’t like biden. Biden is making the other world leaders think that he is a joke and that because he is a joke, A joke that people voted for in the 2020 election.

    4. @William Rockwell let’s wait and see my friend. Maybe in 4 years, democrats will realize the mistakes they made by allowing biden to be president.

    5. @cookie 2118 I want to commend you for being more civil than I was frankly. My wish is for things to go well for the US over the next 400 years. You would likely agree with me on that point.

      Best wishes

  2. How can you tell the difference between t’rump in 2024 and a life-size orange traffic cone?
    The traffic cone is the one that’s not in prison.

    1. Doubt he be in prison. Keep eating media lies, they just baiting you for views because no one barely watch them anymore since biden is unpopular to talk about. Trump get them view and this is how they do it. Trump will successfully win again and i cant wait to see you guys cry.

    1. I would. All day. Every day but I am biased. I live in D.C.and saw magats attack us on January 6th and would have to recuse myself.

    2. Whoever would be open to witness intimidation. It doesn’t even have to be orchestrated by Mr trump to happen. Somebody with MTG mindset. Plenty trumpers out there like that.

  3. The flipping will be tremendous.
    Simone Biles ain’t got nothing on the flips that Allen Weisselberg is about to execute.

    1. @mike breidenbach The DA is convening a grand jury, this means indictments are soon to follow. This means Allen Weisselberg is singing like a canary. Keep in mind there are a lot more witnesses than just Allen Weisselberg, and a lot more big fish than Donald Trump. Now I’m not sure if Trump will do actual time. He will still have his Secret Service protection detail. Nobody has ever been here before. A former POTUS getting indicted has NEVER happened in US history.

  4. Trump is hoping his supporters will rally to his defence, storm the Whitehouse (the Capitol was a practice run) and put him back in the Oval Office with the military at his command. A Coup de tete. Yes, he is delusional and should be committed to an institution.

  5. Based on universal laws of physics, the book, The Eloquence of Effort, has forecasted the imminent collapse of the Trump Empire. The unfolding events of the recent past are evidence. The very foundations of the Trump façade are being eroded. Accordingly, Trump and all that he symbolizes will degenerate into untraceable dust.

  6. I’m amazed that this stuff couldn’t have been uncovered sooner… wasn’t he under “audit” forever?? Even without it they NEVER looked into him PRIOR to becoming President?? Maybe STOP the problem before giving him power over the levers of government??? Honestly, I don’t get it… He was a criminal WAY before Presidency but nothing was done…

    1. Well Jim..if Republicans can keep saying election fraud without proof, why cant Scott accuse someone of being a criminal without proof?
      What’s good for the goose is good for the gander

    2. @my2centsworth we have good reasons for thinking it’s was not a FAIR election but we said it soo many times and people like you won’t listen to our reasons.

      1st reason: the Democrats used the coronavirus to change the system of voting. They vastly increased the number of mail-in ballots because they knew their candidates would benefit from less secure voting.

      2nd reason: the Democrats harnessed the power of Big Tech to win the 2020 election. Virtually all news and all information in the English-speaking world travels through a single company, Google. A huge percentage of political debates take place on Facebook and Twitter. If you use technology to censor the ideas that people are allowed to express online, ultimately, you control how the population votes

    3. @Jim Harris The proof is prima facie… but, unfortunately, won’t reach you in your Fox “News”, OANN, Newsmax filter-bubble… You have to recognize the truth to be fed the truth these days and I’m sincerely sorry that you and MILLIONS of others can’t… (not quite the majority, though, thankfully ).

  7. This may be a fortuitous way to make him stay put in FL instead of being on the road. Fear of process servers.

  8. Take your prison prep classes donnie.
    Vallow and Daybell were indicted for three murders today and everyone said that would never happen. But it did.
    Your indictments are coming.

  9. As stated 3 days a week devoted to investigating seems like they have hit paydirt now it’s just a matter of getting i,s dotted and t,s crossed. May not see jail time but massive fines applied in order to pay back all he and his spawn have stolen. He must never never be permitted to run for any government office ever.

  10. If Ivanka were smart. She should claim that she’s been abused her whole life by her father and brothers. Rat them all out and she’s left with everything.

    1. That’s simple. If anyone’s name is Trump and their lips are moving they are lying. It’s in the Trump DNA.

  11. _Trump’s close to the end of his rope_
    _As he clings to his last desperate hope_
    _There’s a way to do well at the Graybar Hotel_
    _It involves never dropping the soap_

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