Felicity Huffman Reports To Prison For 14-Day Sentence | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Felicity Huffman Reports To Prison For 14-Day Sentence | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC 1


Actress Felicity Huffman reported to federal prison for a 14-day sentence for paying someone to correct her daughter's college board tests. Huffman will also be required to pay a $30,000 fine and complete 250 hours of community service. Aired on 10/15/19.
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Felicity Huffman Reports To Prison For 14-Day Sentence | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

50 Comments on "Felicity Huffman Reports To Prison For 14-Day Sentence | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC"

  1. 14 days and one year! Poor thing. There was a black man who spent 5 days in jail for being late to jury duty and a black woman who spent 5 years in prison for using the wrong address in a school district. Must be nice to have money. What happened to the “crack down”?

    • He wasn’t late for jury duty. He never showed up, when the courts called he didn’t answer or return their calls. They had to arrest him to get him to tell the judge he overslept that morning. If he would of called that morning and told them he overslept and was on his way, he wouldn’t of gone to jail. Instead he went to work, then avoided the courts. Get the facts straight.

    • @Kristi Marie regardless the laws don’t apply to the rich and white like they do others and you know it.

    • @Sophia Brown That has nothing to do with him being getting 10 days in jail.

    • 14 days in prison is more than enough for her. The tragedy is that other people are being sentenced to much more time in jail than they deserve. There shouldn’t be ANY jail time for being late to jury duty, or for using the wrong address.

      We don’t need more punishment for Felicity, we need LESS for other people.

    • @Brad Gies He wasn’t late for Jury duty, he overslept, didn’t call the courts, didn’t return any of their calls, the judge had to sign a bench warrant just to get him to show up.

      Also, you get jail time if you knowingly use the wrong address. That’s why all of your tax stuff says “To the best of your knowledge everything is true”. Because they don’t wait to jail people that make an honest mistake.

  2. Perfect example how the so-called privileged get away with everything in this country.
    When is enough going to be enough and everyone of all colors service time equally to their crime.

    • Also, when you say “so-called privileged” that means you don’t believe they are privileged. Kinda like how saying, “Trump, our so-called leader.”, mean you don’t believe he is a leader.

    • It’s because she is rich, not because she is white.

    • @Sophia Brown How did she get away with it? How is 14 days in jail, 30k fine and 250 hours community service getting away with it?

      Also, you don’t know that. Bribing people to fake an test score isn’t a common enough crime to say we would of gotten more of an punishment.

    • @Kristi Marie another genius!!! I’d love to see your sat score

    • @buttgoo magoo Seriously though, why troll?

  3. 14 days is pathetic, I hope they make her clean the streets. 🤢

  4. She got 14 days? Wow, Good thing she wasn’t selling weed!

    • She got 14 days, 30k fine, and 250hours community service. Do you really think Drug Dealers should get less time then someone who bribed people to cheat on the SAT? Drug Dealers take advantage of addicts and harm the community.

    • @Kristi Marie She affected a lot of lives as well. What about the spots that were taken by undeserving rich kids? How many people lost a chance to go to a prestigious school because some rich mommy and daddy cheated another kid in front of them ? How many now have undeserved degrees? This only teaches people that working/studying hard doesn’t pay off unless you have rich parents.

    • @ramenbias No one lost a spot to her daughter because of the bribe. It was found out before her kid ever started college.

      You can’t punish her because other rich people did harm others by cheating their kid into school. People are only responsible for their crimes, not the crimes of others.

      It seems to me you want her to suffer because of her class not because of her actions.

  5. 14 days…. wow! If she was black it would’ve been 14 years…

  6. David Schlessinger | October 15, 2019 at 4:44 PM | Reply

    14 days in prison…..oh the humanity….how will she handle it?!?!?! A FULL 2 weeks for a federal fraud scandal.

    • 2 weeks in jail, 30k fine, and 250 hours of community service for bribing someone to fake a SAT score. Do you really think she should of been punished more conspired to cheat on a test?

  7. 14 days in prison ??????? That’s it, wow, there really is a difference, what a shame.

  8. When she gets out Felicity will head straight to Whole Foods to pick up a non GMO turkey for Thanksgiving but her kids will be spending the holiday in Jamaica.

  9. All the “students” that got into college because of her need to have all their degrees/credits stripped away. They are not legitimate due to the fraudulent nature of their admissions.

  10. If she would have been a working class African American
    she would have been given 20 years

  11. White rich privilege on display 🤑.

    • 2 weeks in jail, 30k fine, and 250 hours of community service for bribing someone to fake a SAT score. How is that white privilege? Do you really think she should of gotten more time for a crime that hurt no one?

  12. She’ll get out and write a memoir about her horrific and torturous time in jail called ” 14 Days an Inmate.”

  13. And still, the USA pretends to be a country based on the rule of law …

  14. I don’t understand why Americans don’t rebel against the two just systems for the rich and everyone else.

  15. Oh wow!! A whole two weeks in prison!! What a tough sentence!!

  16. Anyone POC would’ve gotten 10 years easy.

  17. 14 days 😏

    Remember the guy who got senteced to Life (Angola Louisiana)…. for shop lifting. Or the other guy who got 30 yrs for stealing 50 bucks from a bakery?!

  18. “Here fish, fish, fish…Two packs of smokes on this horse, Red”

  19. If she’s shameless enough, the book will be on sale soon.

  20. She was holding that dude’s hand, but that’s not William H. Macy.

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