1. One leg and doing better than I have one 2 any day of my life. I have never ran any marathon. Strength, willpower and true dedication. Good video for a change, even tho it’s not what I expect from CNN, where is the propaganda?

  2. Big kudos to her but also to the prosthetic maker. Running 26.2 miles everyday for three months without blistering her skin is miraculous.

    1. My sentiments exactly. Fit, function, durability. The prothetist deserves 50% credit for this feat.

    2. @Susan Corvalan Right, the same way a shoe manufacturer deserves 50% of the credit for every record because its shoes don’t cause blistering of the skin.

    3. We should be thanking the bionic woman’s manufacturer. This is straight out of boring Westworld.

  3. I’m above knee amputee, so no running. I use a handcycle daily and the mental boost is amazing. Whatever works for you…get outside and do it!

    1. Sorry for your loss! I’m glad you stay positive and look at the bright side! Keep enjoying life and spread the energy!! 👍

  4. That was an amazing feeling seeing those Bison in the wild.
    I feel it’s important for human survival to have large areas rewilded. How cool would it be to take a holiday in places like this.

  5. Wow, she’s a literal Spring-Heel Jacky! That’s 4,388 and a quarter kilometres in 15 weeks!

  6. Seems impossible. I would think she would get debilitating stress fractures and or blisters after a week. 🤔

  7. While women with both legs spend all weekend on Twitter cancelling their way up the corporate ladder.

  8. What an incredible accomplishment but with all respect; what kind of person takes up running marathons right after their spouse loses a leg!

  9. They come along way .
    I remember Terry Fox from when I was a kid seeing him run on the old prosthetics and it looked painful.
    Some ppl just have the drive and will to over come .

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