1. and the problem here is what?? just like show business… make room for the younger more attractive… it sells

  2. Ageism is the last accepted form of discrimination.
    Plenty of older men and women are denied employment too due to their age.

    1. you have no idea how bad it is, esp in the technology sector. I just made a comment about this – age is absolutely NOT treated as the protected class it is. never put your college grad year on your resume and definitely don’t go past ten years on your resume if you can avoid it. not a cultural fit, won’t gel with the team and of course the garden variety THEY ARE TOO OLD FOR THIS PROJECT like everyone is going to be looking for the rotary phones. ageism is insidious, esp in the US where people have to work basically until they drop dead

    2. @Walter White You are not the arbiter of what will never change. You don’t get to determine what someone “has to live with”. You have no influence as to what happens in society beyond your own tiny sphere of existence. History is full of people like you telling other groups they must bear the burden of discrimination. History consistently proves narrow-minded bigots end up looking and sounding like fools. Have a nice life. You will receive no more of my time.

    3. The worst kind of discrimination is the discrimination against me! And that’s the only kind I care about

  3. Wait, their own statistics to refute the women’s claims actually show that as people get older, women become less prevalent.
    The ratio of women to men drops as they age is what they say. Basically giving fuel to the allegations of the women.

    1. J Groovy And that day can’t come fast enough for me. Another fact….. women live 5-10 years longer than men. I’m no feminist, but I guess people like you can bring that side of me out.

    2. The transvestite dudes become more and more scary to look at after 30. The inner male starts come out. Some like MANgyn Kelly, Bruce the “Brooke” Baldwin and Rafael the “Rachel” Maddow manage to hang on to their jobs, but they are not a pretty sight to look at.

    3. @@createyourniceday Less prevalent in the positions they are talking about at that network.

  4. This happened to a local anchor here too, and she ended up suing the station. And sadly, since it was a large corporation with MANY stations, I don’t think it went very well. Hope these ladies have better success.

  5. They are all beautiful like frfr…. it’s not like middle aged people do not watch television or older people… shameful if its true

    1. I believe this is true, look at Andrea Mitchell she is a old looking decrepit hag. I wouldn’t hire her, based on her views and how she looks.

  6. That’s why I love 6ABC in Philadelphia. They stick with their veteran anchors and or correspondents.

    1. I usualy just watch cbs Philly but I try to get news from everywhere , along with CNN and msnbc NY1 must have terrible sexist managment

    1. @judd442009 exactly,older folks watch less news while younger generations are engulfed in it…times are changing

    2. ​@dub2459 Is this a joke? I can count the number of well-informed young voters and kids that I’ve ever met or seen from the present younger generation on one hand. The average level of educational attainment and grade scores have been dropping like a rock for the past decade. Kids may be exposed to more information these days, but most of the time spent on iPhones is staring at 240-char soundbite Tweets rather than engorging themselves deeply in a long book or getting nuanced views from a close and critical eye on the news. If you take the average Internet post as an example, grammar has become an art of who can create a bigger monstrosity. Several reports have indicated that this may be the first generation in some time where the succeeding generation will actually be less educated and make less income than their parents.

      I’m not saying the young generation doesn’t have its positive points, to be sure, but they really do have the attention span and holistic curiosities of gnats.

    3. @judd442009 And most of us Millennials look past race, hate corporate greed and will change the way old done things for the better. We will explore the Galaxy if the older morons haven’t stuff up our climate too much! Bring in the new and young! Probably doesn’t matter because AI will take the job ..

  7. And maybe the reason is New York one it is be coming fake news an good honest veteran anchors won’t promote this

  8. When I watch the news, I need something to jerk at to relieve the stress of the constant horrible news they give. Of course we need younger folks to fuel the gap.

  9. To evaluate someone just based on your preconceived notion of age or gender is moronic. These women are amazing and I should be respected for their talent and experience. This is no longer the 50s, fellas! Sexual objectification is wrong in some many ways and disrespectful towards these and other amazing women.

    Personally, being a middle aged man (40 yo), I never quite understood the need for men of my age and older to get rid of experience employees, who happen to be women, in exchange for women in their 20s. What’s the benefit? When you think of a co-worker or employee, the first thing that comes to your mind is… what? To fulfill some sexual fantasy of yours? Really? I think we’re better than that and should show our respect towards all based on their knowledge, experience and not on your perception of their sex appeal.

    That said, I can say from personal experience that I was turned down from jobs when applying along side women who happened to by my friends and I and they knew, that in some cases I was better qualified but because they’re attractive women and I’m just an average bloke, they got the job. I felt rotten, not against my friends but fearing what might come afterwords for them and I hated these disgusting men who made a choice based on a secondary ill founded intent of having sex with these women rather than caring for the expertise and added value they might bring to their company.

    Often enough, it ended up in abusive and fucked up situations. We’re in 2019, and although I’m still a human being and a man and know how irrational and dumbfounded I can be when interacting with a smart attractive women, leave that for your private life and leave it out of your work place. Sorry if I overshared! 🙂

  10. Tons of corporations that won’t hire anyone over 50, they just say you are <> qualified. Too old for a salary position but perfect for an hourly position.

  11. over 25 years….why not be a director OR producer. Perhaps even some form of supervisor role. Teaching the rookies to be a better news casters.

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