1. @Bitcoin Anarchist Oh yeah I’m very well aware of the fact that money is nowadays not even paper but just numbers on a screen, however, the general populations all over the world still have trust these numbers, and that gives them their value. Crypto was just a hype never really backed by the majority of the world population and governments hate it because they can’t control it so the chance that cryptocurrency that isn’t backed by governments has a chance to survive is as big as a snowball surviving in hell.

    2. @allabout perspective hype? the hype has not started…ps btc is 14yrs old now…700 000 blocks, transferred more value than visa last year…and it is By FAR the biggest computer network ever built from scratch by the public… fad..??? no…u need to learn what it actually is… not just “magic money”…it is backed by math only…proof of work etc…not by trust.

    1. @Wild Rose It’s a pity I’m not religious otherwise I could have prayed that god would give you some mental abilities.

    2. @allabout perspective u assume..based on nothing more than a label… typical… bitcoin did go from 1c to 70k…remember…???

    1. We do but when we showed off new uniforms for pregnant service members we’re making our military “too feminine”

  1. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to everyone involved in bringing critical supplies and support to the female soldiers in Ukraine. God Bless Ukraine and All Ukrainian Defenders Men,Women and Children too! Victory will be UKRAINIAN 🇺🇦 💙💛

    1. I hope that soon women will stop being discriminated and will also have the honor to go trough the obligatory army service.

    1. @TeleGuy so MAGA Make America great again is destroying America , while the democrats vote for a man to win a woman’s competition, now Miss America is a man LMAO women are losing rights daily

    2. @Viral Meme’s Some day you will see the emperor has no cloths. Until then it’s useless arguing with you. 3 straight elections screwed up. MAGA only wins Primaries. Good luck with that plan.

  2. I’m familiar with this kit from the IDF, girls are using it and it got adopted really quickly.
    The Israeli female soldiers said that this work fine in the field and a great alternative.
    That was 12 years ago.

    1. @Dan Jones After Ukrainian patriots liberate their country from bloody Jewish moron Zelensky they will help people in Palestine. It’s outrageous that backing Zelensky US Secretary of State corrupt like hell Jew Blinken is glorifying Israeli regime killing children in Palestine.

    2. @Dim Tool Jewish potz Zelensky sold Ukrainian land to the foreign investors. Prior to his “elections” corrupt like hell US Congressman Jewish potz Adam Schiff went to Ukraine. You understand how “democratic” elections are run in the modern world. Bags of money are deciding the outcome of democracy. Right after elections Zelensky and Co pushed new land legislation.

    3. @Shallow TealIsraeli are fascists. In Israel state is not separated from religion. In Ukraine? On stolen from Ukrainians money Israeli oligarch Kolomoisky erected huge synagogue in Ukranian city Dnipro. NY and London bankers “independent” Zelensky is running “democracy” in Ukraine.

    4. @Dim Tool now yes. That start of the conflict is a bit different though. The whole situation is a mess created by imperial powers that had no business being there in the first place.

  3. I love the last statement; “her boots are made for marching, all the way back to the front”. And that positive Ukrainian moral influence, is what’s going to eventually win this war if the United States continues to support Ukraine.

    1. Crazy to see leftists now cheering on war. Just goes to show how much control the left has over their supporters with propaganda like this. Open your eyes man wake up before we start a new world war

  4. The Ukrainian people have proven how resilient and innovative they are. We can all learn a lot from this great nation. Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦

    1. @Mark Valentine Ik you don’t understand but I recommend not saying that. I can not explain it as my memory of it is rusty but if I am not mistaken that is a fucked thing to say if not fucked it is just stupid. Look into it if you wish to learn more.

  5. These girls are so inspiring ! I am so sorry they even need to fight. Bless each an everyone, they are all very special. Love to all! Cheers!

    1. @Shallow Teal No. When you are pregnant you aren’t responsible for just your own life, you have someone else to think of. This is either some publicity stunt or the woman has gone completely insane.

    2. @Fankas2000 Not all soldiers are fighting. Being “at the front” doesn’t mean they are in constant gunfights. And yes they are responsible for their future child and make their own decision since its their body.
      If my mom told me she was still doing all she could in a war for democratic freedom while pregnant with me, I would be insanely proud

    3. @Fankas2000 I don’t think I said anything about being PG, if that’s what your going to do have the close that fit, just like the men, after all everybody is fighting for there lives and there everything! It’s an all hands on deck battle! Some one has to keep th guys in line.
      Wish them the best every man, woman and child.❤

  6. Every day I get more and more amazed by these wonderful and courageous people who are not only fighting for their freedom and democracy but for all of us who seat in front of TV sets to watch the news while they freeze in their destroyed homes without water or light and fight and die in the war fronts. Thank you all the Ukrainian people. Slava Ukraini!

    1. @mattie Sergey, do you know you misspelled word “dying”… I hope they send you to Gulag for this f…up…

    2. @At least I’m trying The people leaving was not drafted, just a reserve if needed. I know many young Ukrainians who are still living a civilian life. They got turned away to serve contrary to Russians running for the border.

  7. I feel the guy whom sister is in the frontline and he is not capable of being there… I wanted to go aswel – even left there but returned as I had to admit that I would have been more of a burden than help due my physically condition. It feels bad when your heart says GO but your body can’t do it 😔.
    It’s good that the female is soldiers gets appreciated, It’s about time!

    💙💛 Slava Ukraini! 💙💛

    1. Tell me about it. I really wanted to go over and help in anyway I could but life back here in the UK had other plans and prevented me from being able to do volunteer work in anyway I wanted. Still want to see if I can help here in any way possible.

    2. Sure there is plenty you can do for your country in this fight my friend. Ukraine has mobilized as a nation and the people at the front can’t fight without support from people like you and me backing them up.
      Slava Ukraine
      From an Australian brother

    3. @Daniel Whyatt I’m not much help either, but I managed to donate a small amount directly to the Ukrainian army, maybe paid for a couple of bullets. Hoping both don’t miss… 😼

  8. Best wishes to the brave woman warriors of Ukraine. Fierce, compassionate and beautiful! Australia supports Ukraine in your struggle for freedom and self determination. Victory will be yours.
    Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦💪🏻🇦🇺

    1. @Тарас Ґанько You are welcome. Drive them like you stole them.
      Slava Ukraini
      From another Australian friend. Thinking of you all every day🙏

    2. We know, grateful for Australia’s support. Although we’re so far away, but free people understand each other despite different cultures, languages, etc.

  9. Ukrainian people. Hold your heads up high you are amazing. SKOLL to your warriors and shields maidens and never forget the amazing support from those at home who carry the fight to the orcs in so many different important ways. This Aussie salutes you all.

  10. It’s so awesome to see the girls fighting on the front line being equipped with the proper and sensitive things they need. I watched the interview with the sniper that was pregnant, how brave she is. Russian soldiers are running away and she’s fighting while pregnant. So brave. Cheers Stuart 🇦🇺

    1. Nothing awesome about women going to the front to get slaughtered by the Russians. Ukraine cokehead leader is probably forcing them to fight. Lindsay Graham said it outloud with dem Blumenthal right to him, “they will fight to the last Ukraine is ☠️.”

    2. Ukrainian women are wonderful women who enjoy Russian soldiers when they are bored, lonely and want female warmth and affection 🎈💥

    3. @Wild Rose How is your mother doing? Money to buy food and looking forward to a nice future? Gretings from Sweden.

    4. In fairness, Russian troops are woefully undersupplied, poorly led (their commanders apparently flee at the first opportunity), untrained, and drunk much of the time. I feel sorry for the many who never wanted to be there–poor dupes.

  11. It’s inspiring to see the people of a country pull together and to see how much everyone does to support each other. It’s a stark contrast to the Russian government, sending their own people in without adequate equipment or training, knowing full well that they will just be cannonfodders.

    1. The russians have plenty of people to spare, the Ukrainians doesn’t. When you don’t have an (almost) endless supply of people you take care of what you have.

  12. Ukraine people keep surprising me. They are so innovated, humble and careing for everybody and that despite all those atrocities they have to suffer through. Allowing Women (who want!) to defend their nation and care for their well being with such details… tells a lot about a nation. Respekt and love from Germany …
    I need to make another donation now. They need more drones and other gear!
    Slava Ukraini

    1. @zKilla Seems like you are the brainwashed guy here. I actually have collected some background infos from Russian sources. And no.. not the one Kremlin is giving out as this is made up for the West. Putin is openly saying that he does not belive Ukraine has a right to exist. He had asked for example Poland already in 2008 to split up Ukraine. The only other way to avoid this war would have been for Russia to install a puppet goverment in Kiew that only acts on his words. Ukrainian didn’t wanted that as they don’t trust russians anymore just like all Baltic countries and other neighbours. (I wonder why….)
      So for Putin was this War long overdue… just like Dugin and other hardlineres always urged him to do.

    2. @Boo-misc you are just repeating all the western propaganda you’ve been being fed since this war started. Remember both sides do propaganda during war. The ukraine and russia already had a peaceful deal worked out. The west on behalf of Boris Johnson went to ukraine and convinced the president to stop negotiations and go to war. NATO has broken several very important agreements made with russia since the end of world war 2. Things like putting nuclear weapons and NATO stationing on the border countries of russia for a long time now when we agreed not to. Think if russia started making military bases and stations in canada and mexico. Ukraine has no chance of winning this war. Its like if the US went to war with mexico. And the west deliberately fanning the flames instead of encouraging peace is going to lead to something very bad.

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