Fierce Protests Erupt After Fatal Arrest Of George Floyd | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Fierce Protests Erupt After Fatal Arrest Of George Floyd | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


    1. This does not need a trial at all, there are multiple videos from different angles with audio, no more evidence needed, they are cold blood murderers…
      just hang all 4 cops publicly, simple as that, anything under this sentence is an insult to all citizens…

    2. Anthony Joseph get the f out of here you disgusting human, oh sorry you’re too revolting to be human, you animal!

    1. celloc “entitled” says people looting and rioting when they don’t get their way.

    2. State Of Wyoming not second degree . 1st and second differ . Murder 1 and 2 have an intent outlined or criminal malice and provocation elements . 2nd being unintentional or without a pre meditation of plan to harm resulting in death . This to me , while I am not a criminal lawyer nor can I practice in Minnesota would see it more as an involuntary manslaughter charge Legal definition carries an element of reckless unintentional consequence resulting in the death of an individual . It usually carries a 10 year minimum. However conviction of an officer is unlikely with conflict of interests being a concern .

    3. The officer will face the justice system and I’m curious as to the constituency and charges brought on behalf of the state to the other officers . However them violating a criminal statute would have to be brought from the state attorneys office . Murder charges are not an option . Most likely are gross misconduct and the other officers can Be charged for not intervening as they are required to in a case of life threatening circumstances . It’s tort and they can be sued .

    1. @Blyatimir Putin Yeah I got that, but I thought, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be able to stop. There was war in NZ in the 1880s, between native tribes and European settlers. It’s still not resolved but for the most part, people live in peace, side by side. We have refugees here from Bosnia and Serbia from the brutal wars there in the 1990s, and their communities have come together here. Violence and hatred from wars that didn’t stop people from being safe at home. All around the world people are watching this story and are quite shocked this happens.

    2. I see now why people kneel for the anthem.i am a veteran and now ashamed of this country. I might kneel too.

    3. @USA STRONG There are stories of such injustice in quite a few countries, but the worlds eyes are on the USA, and expect a more from them. America has so much to offer but the injustice towards African americans we from outside see in the US is an awkward truth that is hard to reconcile. Our news had the story, my friends in Switzerland, Germany and Poland all saw the story too.

    4. @Lee Finateese it should stop, but there will be people who are morally corrupt and that’ll be imposible to prevent

    1. @John Das Dude, not being proud of the US doesn’t mean that people have to leave the country. By the way, what makes you believe that he’s from Africa? I have brown skin and I’m not from there.

    2. @Every Word Is A Made-Up Word I deleted my original comment to you because I misread what you said. And I’m going to briefly address you now by pointing out 2 things. 1)Poverty 2)High Drug Trafficking. The higher the poverty, the higher the crime rate will be in an area. Low amount of businesses, high rate of condemned/abandoned housing, no economical out put, no shopping areas produces desperation. Drug Trafficking that became a pandemic first in Florida, New York and Las Vegas during the mafia reign and a national pandemic when coke began trafficking in all major cities in predominant Black & Brown communities where crack was made & sold in open market because of low police interference and the profits were secretly funding a war in Nicaragua with President Ronald Regan’s knowledge and endorsement gives you the disastrous effects we are still fighting to end. There’s something for you to chew on buddy.

    3. @BossTeamEntertainment Look at the crime rates, single parenthood, welfare and dropout rates since the Civil Rights Movement. All the numbers have gotten astronomically worse for the demographic we are talking about. I know moving on from sIavery, segregation etc. Is a process but it’s been over 50 years and all these problems are moving in the wrong direction. Opposite of progress. Whose fault is that? What about single parenthood, I think that has a huge effect on a community. Single parenthood rates increased from 20% to 70% since the Civil Rights movement for this demographic. Where does personal responsibility come into play

    4. I’m sorry I don’t know how that feels I’m from Canada but I pray for your country🙏

    1. @Utnapishtim Yes, from the UK, I agree. The killer cop’s nationality doesn’t matter. What these scum in uniform did – that what matters.

  1. I personally couldn’t care less if his family got their revenge “through the courts” or not. PIGS ought to go to SLAUGHTERHOUSES, NOT COURTS.

  2. Unbelievable
    This breaks my heart
    I can’t believe racism is still going on in *2020* these cops need to grow up and stop abusing their power by killing people of color. We breathe the same air and shed the same color blood. RIP George Floyd fly high😔💐💗

    1. I’m Asian (immigrat from Thailand) and I lived there for like 3 years. That cop deserved life sentence.

      I don’t think the cop is racist. They treat us Asian quite nice and were very helpful.
      But handling the situation this badly must be punished.

      I’m also kinda understand why cops there went out of the line when they made an arresting. It’s not uncommon for the detained to attack the cops and hurt them bad. The cops are scared for themselves. 3 years living there, I witness more criminal activities and arresting than 30 years of living in Thailand. WTF America. Maybe you should try Buddism.

    1. That’s why Evil rules the world because Evil has deceived the Good into WAITING on a God or some kind of magical savior. In Nature Animals Physically fight back against their enemies. It’s been time to get Physical with Evil.

    1. @t1tacal They started out peaceful, but the police threw tear gas and shot rubber bullets to people. If our peaceful protest is not going to work then rioting is the answer. Also they were looting target because they didnt give milk and refused to sell them to the people.

  3. He did not have to die. It makes me cry. I sincerely hope the police officers who killed him go to prison forever.

    1. @MatterIsNotSolid not that bad? Black people abused and killed while innocent have been slowly building up, floyed being killed just bursted the bubble. You got cities being looted and your saying it’s not bad

    2. SoloCharlemagne you are 100% right America has lost the plot and it’s so easy to see now

    3. SoloCharlemagne sorry not all of us Americans Thnk like him, don’t lump all of us together

    4. @MrMyopinionsmatter aye sorry, it’s just that he was the stereotypical American, I don’t mean to lump you all together 🙏


    2. ViShNu well we’re talking about The United States 🇺🇸 killing blacks at a disproportionately rate

    3. @Pero Jo shut your pothole! He is racist point blank! So you think there’s other raisons this pig of a cop put his knee on the man’s neck for 8min? You’re as dangerous as the pig cop.

    4. @Sheer Love why would I envy a black man? I bet you’re assuming I’m white lol pathetic

  4. “I can’t breathe”.My moral support from Morocco to the family of the victim and to the black community.


  5. “There gonna pay “…… long pause , brain what did i just say i can save this ohhh yeah thats right “through the courts “

    1. They also didn’t show the police car driving through the protesters. Their footage started a few seconds after the first car had left, the people had seen a lifeless body on the ground and then assumed they had to lynch cops for killing a protestor. So what you see on TV is a bunch of people attacking the police, when after seeing one minute of footage you’d have the full picture. Instead you ge the fool picture and pay those extra minutes in watching dumb commercials that fund all of this NewsTV garbage.

  6. “Times have not become more violent. They have just become more televised.”

    – Marilyn Manson

    Marilyn Manson’s 1999 essay on the Columbine school shootings.

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