1. Josh o yup! Easily. Even so, despite losing those 1 million votes, and the Conservatives winning an extra 200,000 votes, the Liberals still crushed the CPC with a strong minority. Yes the Liberals will win again.

    2. @Keagan Krossman they lost 27 seats thats not very impressive , McKay will get the same votes as scheer plus more voters from the Maritimes and ontario.. so enjoy the liberal goverment for another year !

    1. @WTF Again? LoL Pierre chickened out honestly. His excuse with family is BS. Rona Ambrose, a female, a mother, from Alberta was Conservative leader flying to Ottawa back and forth.

    2. No Chatter

      Two front runners dropping out so suddenly seems odd.

      One dropping out may be an individual issue. Two dropping out signals something organizational is afoot or the polling numbers stink. Or both.

  1. McKay the front runner???? We might as well just leave Trudeau in power for the next 4 years. This is devastating for Canadians.

    1. @James agreed McKay is not pierre but is a step up from scheer who seemed soft lol mckay will get the same voters as scheer and more from maritimes and ontario , Trudeau has to go! Even a vote for PPC is a vote for liberals

  2. Don’t like this for 2 reasons: 1) Evan is a rude interviewer and 2) I’m sorry Pierre is out. I would have loved him for PM! But I can understand he wants to be with his family.

  3. Sad to here Pierre is out, im in my late 20s and it would of been the first time I voted, he made me want to. But I understand why he wouldnt. Family is more important.

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