Fighting Fake News: Disinformation is spreading across America with deadly results | USA TODAY


  1. Isn’t that the tea pot calling the kettle black? Whatever happened to the words “truth” and “lies”? This is just pure propaganda.

    1. Y would u need the government to tell u what’s true or not? Do u permanently live in your safe space? How is this media know all the truth while everyone else is lying? Y is indie news outlets and opinion shows whooping the ratings and views of msm like this? Because the msm lies dude. Wakey wakey. O no, trump’s site let’s u speak your thoughts. How dare him.

  2. I remember when journalism was a respected field. Fact checking checking references before a story or” piece” was even submitted. Editor had yeah or ney power and work was clen. Now I no longer subscribe to a newspaper or online news source . I check the weather. Looking out the window. I quit FB when Trump and Hillary comment s were spewing . Never looked back.

  3. I live in China. “China is a place where there are lies everywhere.”
    – Chloé Zhao, the 🇨🇳Chinese director of Oscar winning “Nomadland” film, once said.
    She’s 100% correct. Even our country history is a lie. It’s in our DNA.
    Seriously if there is next life, I wish to be born in any other country, except China.

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