Fighting Hate And Extremism At The Community Level | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Fighting Hate And Extremism At The Community Level | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. Mommy and daddy are usually the ones teaching hate speech 🙄 kids normally follow their parents/ guardians actions. It’s the reason why most Americans are ignorant when it comes to voting. They don’t pay attention to who says they’re going to do this or that and make their own decisions, they follow what they’re told or see.

    2. Yup, republicans are basically saying it’s okay to support those who make death threats against other politicians and election officials. It’s sad to see the road they’ve taken.

  1. In the mid 1980s I had a picture of my 2 small children with T shirts on that said ARMS are for HUGGING…… I have very Peaceful caring adults now……they don’t hate. Teach Tolerance was my T shirt !!!!! Must keep teaching and acting on Love and Respect 💯👍

    1. @Richard Barber Liberals have called me an anti-Semite, homophobe, Nazi, white supremacist, KKK. Wouldn’t you call that hate speech? All I can say is I’m one of the few here that is in their right mind.

  2. I hope America succeeds in fighting extremism. But I think it may be a difficult battle unless as a nation, you can hold speech accountable. Because extremism is born from extreme rhetoric. And unless you can get a handle on what is being propagated in your media, both mainstream and social, you’re gonna find it an impossible challenge. The real hard work would be to balance how you manage a responsible societal discourse without infringing on the right of self expression.

    1. @Chauncey W You’re delusional, you Democrats are the evil ones. 60 million abortions, wars, hatefilled news 24/7. Pure Devils

    2. @The Truth Is Out 777 Republicans have made death threats to members of their own party and election officials, don’t talk to anyone about anyone else being evil, it’s like you people truly worship the devil.

  3. All decent Americans must rise up and protest hate and bigotry of all kinds.. WE are the majority; we must not let the violent, hate-filled minority go unchecked!

    1. @Jodine White I’ll take the KKK over the Zionist that are taking over America any day and twice on Sunday.

    1. They were intentionally unaided by any of the other police departments in DC. The National Guard was held back and delayed. The previous administration was involved in abetting this. Were there cops on both sides of the line? Yes? Do I trust any cop? No. But I might be wrong and want to trust police.

    2. Law enforcement and members of Congress Republican side were involved on January 6 also the President of the United States at the time. How do we trust our government?

    3. A sad question, but the issues revealed by the BLM movement, including the backlash to it; plus the violence at state houses & the Capitol; and the plots & threats against lawmakers, election officials & public health officials – mean it’s an urgent & necessary question!

    1. The Republican party was in meltdown since 2015 and continues. Trump won in 2016 by a small margin and still continued to say he felt like he lost and continued this trend throughout. The Republicans used this playbook to monetize from their supporters giving for a baseless claims only to enrich themselves.

  4. Hate has no home here! My children know respect, kindness and empathy. It starts at home. We have a generation that parents did not teach this. That leads to a society that needs to be taught.

  5. Fixing the broken educational system in America would be a good start.
    Teach people how to think for themselves rather than letting the media or politicians or pundits telling them what to think.
    Critical thinking skills are all but non existent in America today.

  6. One of the problems is that some police officers and law enforcement officials are members of the hate groups.

    1. True. There need to be real consequences for officers who fraternize with or belong to extremist groups. Communicating with protest & counter protest organizers is fine, but when I see officers high five members of a “militia” or a street gang (of any race)- it doesn’t inspire confidence. I can only imagine the distrust it fuels in minority communities.

    2. @Niels Pemberton Which means they can keep an eye out for & report those who are, as long as their departments & unions make sure they are safe from retaliation.

  7. I see all the bots at work in MSNBC’s YT channel running overtime and running as a hivemind as usual

    and its only been an hour? Are you “people” even real?

    1. Yes, it is really only the people close to them who can reach these people. They have shut themselves off from everyone else.

  8. As far as the hate goes I tend to blame it for the most part on right wing radio and tv. The reason is I’ve seen two of my good friends turn into people that hate the opposing political party and I can’t see how that didn’t come from tv and radio.

  9. People who spread lies, misinformation, hate and racism, and incite violence do NOT deserve first amendment protection.

  10. I heard that they will be doing these trials using the RICO act and if that is so A lot of These people will get hit hard….

  11. I know a few individuals in my community who I suspect voted for Trump. How do I report them to the proper authorities?

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