Figliuzzi On Graham: So Far, We’re Not Getting Substantive Discussion | MSNBC

Figliuzzi On Graham: So Far, We're Not Getting Substantive Discussion | MSNBC 1


Fmr. FBI Assistant Dir. Frank Figliuzzi comments on Sen. Lindsey Graham's opening statement during the Senate Judiciary hearing on Inspector General Michael Horowitz's report on the origins of the Russia investigation. Figliuzzi says, "Instead of hearing a healthy discussion about policy and protocol, we are hearing a rehashing of personalities." Aired on 12/11/19.
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Figliuzzi On Graham: So Far, We're Not Getting Substantive Discussion | MSNBC

60 Comments on "Figliuzzi On Graham: So Far, We’re Not Getting Substantive Discussion | MSNBC"

  1. Well we know what a trial in the Senate will look like

    • Hopefully it looks exactly like the one in the House but with Republicans calling the shots.

    • haystak1 It will look like full blown public treason unless good people hit the streets & stay there to save their country before it’s too late! PRESSURE WORKS! Waiting for everyone else to fix it doesn’t!

    • @elc
      Lol. Because the inquiry was absolutely pathetic, Nancy might not have enough votes. Be careful what you wish for.

  2. He lost his moral compass, when America lost John McCain🇺🇸

    • @jeff mcgowan Ach – I paid $10k yr over and over year after year,at first with cash then with card, Then went uninsured for 5 years. Then forced onto Obama care, with in several months they said i had advanced cancer, chopped out my gizzard, and now i still “own’ my place and am still a dad to my kids. Because we are rural less than 1/2 here abouts make enough to qualify to pay, so when they get sick they become wards of the state. This is not a plan for long term stability. …with liberty and justice for all… that is how I learned it and that is how I want my kids to believe as well.

    • Deens M He didn’t have a moral compass then either… he just hitched his wagon to McCain the same way he has to Trump.

  3. Beatrice Portinari | December 11, 2019 at 11:34 AM | Reply

    Ramblings about pee tapes… Something similar to Nunes’s obsession with Trump’s naked photos.. 🙄

    • @Ralph Sims – Yes Ralph, these people are unbelievable. What are they going to do when the SHTF and all their criminal heroes go down?

    • @Beatrice Portinari – Say whatever you like. Its not going to make iota difference when the true facts are revealed. Your heroes are finished. Just wait and see. Already on the way.

    • @Beatrice Portinari – ‘russian servant” What a ridiculous comment. Hillary and co are YOUR criminal friends that are being exposed by the day. THEY are your russian servants.

    • @Isidra Lopez Ortiz – what a stupid comment. Just wait – every day now – more will be coming out. Your criminal friends are finished. Enjoy the show.

  4. Trump and his republicans are a DISGRACE!!! They are transforming America into a third world dictatorship! This is Shameful, Sick and disgusting

  5. Maha Tiki Cat=== not respond

  6. I’m surprised that Lindsey can even sit up in that chair, given how weak his spine is.
    And I say spine, but it’s really a wet noodle.

    • @Starman Dx thank you for the compliment. I do feel very brave. I believe I learned it from you. So why do you like Lindsey? Was it something about that you like his noodle?

    • @Jason Jason You’re welcome. Now answer the question, since you feel very brave now.

      Why did you choose to defend Lindsey Graham?

    • @Starman Dx so why do you like Lindsey?

    • @Jason Jason I see you aren’t brave anymore. And you learned nothing from me, so sad.
      Why did you choose to defend Lindsey Graham?

  7. Just yet another embarrassing performance by the Republicans. 🙄

    • Alessia C***** Not for me as an independent. After watching this abuse of power by Democrats. I’m voting for Trump. Democrats are just too radical and extreme get nothing done while wasting our tax money. I don’t want them in charge with income taxes. I’m finally doing well under Trump. So is my family. No high tax, high regulation bureaucratic gov for me. Red all the way to the bank. I will keep my own hard earned money.

  8. Lindsey “Russian nutcracker” Graham is a total traitor and enemy of the United States.

    • lol lady, you came to my post to put some conspiracy and I’m annoying you? Very wise indeed… You trying to spread that deception, as you have yet to find true happiness..

    • btw, are you the lady from “the empire of the city”?

    • @Plutot Crever dude get outta here with your weakness.. Lol You already got your point out about supporting the orange tainted mark. You’re now Pestering the post… 😂going into the dictionary, & whether you meant to say either word, you’re still a sniveling little vile creature. Gross!

  9. Lindsay Graham go and link Trump’s you no what?!😝 It’s the only thing you know how to do well,😛

  10. dutchpy dutchpy | December 11, 2019 at 12:19 PM | Reply

    The lack of a decent person beside Mrs Linsey Graham, like Mr McCain was, is obvious. Unbelievable, the crap this person spits out. This person will be remembered of this until his GRAVE.

  11. No idea what drugs “Mr. GraHAM” is overdosing on.
    “Swine flu” vaccine perhaps?

  12. Graham is up to his eyeballs with Ukraine corruption.

    • Andrew Jackson Yeh all points to Biden. The my robbed the Ukrainians. Why he got Prosecutor Shokin fired. His son was going to the slammer. Burisma laundered money all the way up to the DNC to the tune of 7.1 billion. Thank you Trump for stopping that crime. Hope the DNC and Soros NGO’s go down over it. It left the Ukraine with that debt. Democrats have been corrupt in bed w Mafia and the teamsters since I was a child. Daley in Chicago was a very corrupt Democrat. George Wallace a Democratic governor blocked a black girl from entering college. Democrats interred Japanese in WW2 and gave us welfare. A program that enables poverty. Democrats supported slavery, segregation and Jim Crow. Democrats have nothing to be proud off. Now they can add the genocide and murder of 8 million innocent babies for women’s healthcare. What a lie. Many women have died during botched abortions. Parts are sold on black market. All cheered on by that Luciferian party.

    • @Nancy Rocks – Totally correct. This disgusting criminal is going down. The democrims are the REAL crooks.

  13. Graham, 2016 “Trump is unfit to be president”
    Graham, 2019 “Yes sir, anything you want, sir, shine your shoes sir, lick your posterior, sir”

    • He must of gotten millions

    • @Dave Schultz Trump would sound amazing to anyone with confirmation bias. But if you actually take the time to listen to the allegations, the evidence and the facts as not reported on fox news, you would understand the outrage. Personally, he lost any benefit of the doubt I might have given him long before the Ukraine phone call, which is overwhelming evidence that he tried to extort a foreign leader in exchange for dirt on his opponent. His general behavior, his tweets, his over 12,000 lies, his illiteracy, his cronies who have gone to prison, (lost count…) and the list that goes on and on…pretty much disqualify him for the office.

  14. Gaetano Vindigni | December 11, 2019 at 12:35 PM | Reply

    The Senate, where “grim reaper” McConnell has shelved over 200 House bills, will vote against the two articles of impeachment to find DjT not guilty, and at the same time place one of the last nails In the Constitution while opening the door to DjT’s dictatorship. 

    Vote in 2020 to end the reign of McConnell / DjT / Rupublicans.

  15. Lindsey “Two-faced” Graham, has become the Court Jester of the Senate. He should never be taken seriously.

    • Ever heard of Root Cause Analysis? Thing have degenerated this low for a reason. It happened the day after the election when DEMOCRATS refused to accept the results of a legal election. Hilary didn’t believe Trump would accept the results, how ironic. Whatever DEMOCRATS accuse you of, is the same thing they are doing. Just that simple.

    • Hearing the truth upsets you.

    • MICHAEL LESTER | December 11, 2019 at 4:42 PM | Reply

      17 times FBI is shown to have acted for their own means. A lawyer who changed a CIA email….no there is no issue here. No pay to play or anything. Keep walking 🤣😂😅

    • He’s filled Chuck Grassley’s big red clown shoes remarkably well.

  16. Graham doesn’t have a personality, only a foul odor.

    • Hvalpikk That’s vile. Schiff and Nadler aren’t exactly honorable men. Schiffs a liar. Nadler changed all the rules to fit his narrative. How come too liberal men are so ugly and look like they will drop over into a diabetic coma or like Schiff looks like he is on Meth???

    • @Nancy Rocks – Get psychiatric help immediately.

    • MICHAEL LESTER | December 11, 2019 at 4:40 PM | Reply

      Hey another one who can smell us 🤣😂😅

    • @Nancy Rocks Give the FBI all your evidence and let them do their job. You dont have any, you are just a lair.

  17. Lindsey Graham: Just Carl Rove with a southern twang

  18. when you dont have facts on your side… yell and scream and kick the table….. reflub play book page 1

  19. LG has no credibility anymore.
    Hypocrites can never be trusted.

  20. The entire opening statement from lg was a ‘Poisoning the well’ fallacy 1.0

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