Figliuzzi: Once Again, We’re Left Asking Why Trump’s So Aligned With Putin | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. You meant the southerntards. Can I have a date with your daughter but your her brother country bumpkins support him. To see what the Republicans have done to the Southern States if not open your eyes and take a good look

  1. Cause he’s going to flee to Russia to escape prosecution for crimes not legally brought against him, yet…

    1. Yes ofcs why not just have world war 3 already lol. Why not a recession. Silly Trump and not being a duck to other countries and going into unnecessary wars. Why not throw a guy like yourself to Iraq to fight a well reasoned war. Clearly not a very smart guy are you?

  2. So Putin invades the sovereign country of Ukraine, engages in nerve agent attacks in England, shoots down a commercial airliner over Ukraine, killing all 298 passengers, including 80 children, and he interferes in our presidential elections.  And after all of that,  Trump wants to reward Putin’s tyrannical behavior by lifting sanctions on Russia, and bringing it back into the G-8.
    Let that sink in for a moment. Take your time.

  3. People need to understand – Trump’s relationship with Putin is not personal. Malignant narcissists don’t develop personal relationships with people based on humanity or companionship — they see people as chess pieces at best, and typically mere objects which either serve or hinder their way.
    His affinity with Putin is one of envy for Putin’s (& other dictators) complete power they have over their country.. Once you understand this, it shines a light on just how in danger the United States is at present with Trump in office!

  4. Putin has all the “pee pee tapes” of dirty old Trump. If Trump doesn’t do what his master Putin wants, he will reveal them to the whole world!

  5. *We don’t need to ask anymore, we know that Trump aligns with Putin because he owes Putin’s oligarch friends a great deal of money, and he is trying to work it off because Putin has Trump by his tiny balls.*

  6. When it comes to Trump choosing between America and Russia, America doesn’t stand a chance. His track record has proven that he will choose Russia everytime.

  7. What’s the big mystery? Trump still wants a hotel built in Moscow after he is no longer prez. It doesnt take a weatherman to tell you which way the wind blows! Same with NK!

  8. Whether he is correct or not, Trump certainly behaves as if he thinks Putin will continue to help him stay in the Oval Office,

  9. Money: the money Russians are contributing to the campaign, directly/indirectly. The money Don hopes to make for selling us out after he leaves office.

  10. Psychologists know what is going on in Trump`s head. Political analysts don`t. But CNN, MSNBC and others are refusing to bring in specialists since four years so this senseless blablabla in the news on Trump will continue. Trump`s behavior is the result of his mental illness and not a political strategy.

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