Figliuzzi’s Concern Is The ‘Highest It’s Been Since Trump Has Been In Power’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Figliuzzi’s Concern Is The ‘Highest It’s Been Since Trump Has Been In Power’ | Deadline | MSNBC


Former FBI assistant director for counterintelligence and MSNBC national security analyst Frank Figliuzzi is deeply worried about increased radicalization in this country since Donald Trump lost re-election. Aired on 12/10/2020.
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Figliuzzi’s Concern Is The ‘Highest It’s Been Since Trump Has Been In Power’ | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. @high voltage true. I expect when the military steps up to defend the constitution these fat weekend warrior trumpies are going to be sorry

    1. @Michael Wuj : No, I mean the great deceiver foretold in the Book of Revelation. Trump’s lies are too numerous to count and he has brought with him nothing but discord. And interestingly enough, the Christians have been the first to fall to their knees before him. Imagine that

    2. @Michael Wuj I think God is sorely disappointed with the human race at the moment. I don’t think earthy political parties have much relevance with God. I do however think right and wrong good and evil does. And then there is always what would Jesus do. To many at the moment that question appears to be totally irrelevant.

    1. @Michael Wuj – Fox News is billionaire propaganda. Trump, republican politicians and armed right wingers have threatened the entire country. They have needlessly killed a quarter million people this year through negligence and right wing terrorism is engulfing the country. Your priorities are really messed up.

    2. @Michael Wuj – You cannot judge whose mind is mush, yours is already completely corroded away by Fox Fake news and right wing hate media.

  1. Thank the republicans for this attempted coup. They had the power to stop this last spring, and gave trump a free pass on impeachment.

    1. Jesus is overturning the tables WITH THE FRAUDULENT BALLOTS!!!


      The Father, Son and Holy Spirit ARE ANGRY!!!

      Once we see The Supreme Court in Washington DC accept the Texas lawsuit that will be the sign that God opened that door that no man can shut to now move within this court to declare the rightful winner who won this 2020 by a landslide is President Trump.

      The Supreme Court of HEAVEN has The Final Say ALWAYS!!!

      C’mon President Trump haters! Lets see whatcha got!

      The Father, Son and Holy Spirit have had ENOUGH!!!


      The cork is pulled and THE SWAMP WILL BE FULLY DRAINED!!!

      God already knew in The CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC He made us in The United States how far low we would go and yet bad His Plan to cleanse us during THIS TIME IN RESTORATION.

      Just as I have been saying for several years, God is restoring us back to our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC and right before He does so the evil and corruption we see RIGHT NOW would be rising to a point and then GOD STOPS IT AND DEALS WITH IT FULLY AS HE MOVES POWERFULLY BY GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT IN 2021!!!

      “Let My United States GO!!!”

    2. @Tyler McNally _”Well there is 0 proof that an impeachment would have lead to removal.”_ I’m sorry but that sentence makes no sense. The entire point of an impeachment is to remove the President. So, yes, if the Senate followed suit with the House and Impeached him then 100% actuality he would’ve been removed.

      I will grant you the “proof” part in that it’s never actually gotten to that point before (since all 3 impeached Presidents were acquitted by their own party), but it is still the way the Impeachment Process is designed to work.

    3. @Milton Bradley ….. Ya right… Like the republicans were even going to hear the evidence to begin with.

    1. @Imma Node Maybe you can help me understand why you all want to be “Winston Smith” of 1984? I believe that I know what you all thinking — that you will be Big Brother — not Winston, but there is no Big Brother, and they are all Winstons.
      So maybe you can explain to me the appeal of slavery and abject poverty without hope?

    2. @Buff Straw I just noticed your comment where you were upset about Trump getting rid of the Obama children cages so you blamed Trump. Okay, weird, makes no sense. If you were to rob a bank, would they keep you with your child when you go to prison? Which country does that?

    3. @Buff Straw Concerning your comment about Democrats saying that they are socialists that I must have mind read it or something. Nope, I’ve seen them saying it for decades now. Sometimes in person, sometimes on the news, sometimes on YT, in the newspapers, etc — didn’t have to do one mindread — if for instance Bernie Sanders says he is a Democratic Socialist and gives me proof year-after-year-after year with his policies and speeches, who am I to argue?

    4. @S D Glad to hear it. Just don’t interfere in other peoples’ lives with your beliefs and laws. Live and let live.

  2. Frank is 100% to the point. Worst things are ahead of us. The hidden conspiracy by the GOP. If we don’t win it we will brake it.

    1. You–the Trump haters–are in full blow panic and denial. There will be no Biden presidency. God enthroned laughs at the idea, and those of us paying attention to Q, being consistently ahead of the news, are getting a chuckle out of it too.

    2. Yes, “The hidden conspiracy”. What’s in the dark will eventually come to light, one day. There’s a lot more to this so-called “fraud” the GOP is claiming. My guess, they made some pretty big promises they can’t keep and now they’re scrambling. They can’t fulfill their part of the bargain. Just a matter of time. Why would you invest in Donald Trump? He’s BROKE, among other things.

    3. @Nishia Smith So, what you are saying then is that President Trump was more concerned for America than for riches and wealth. Interesting.

  3. 45’s goal is to incite unrest and violence. 3106 covid deaths today. We are watching him burn down the house.

    1. Trump’s goal is to further enrich himself. He doesn’t care if anyone gets hurt by his lies, he just wants to con more money out of his gullible supporters.

    2. @Deborah Freedman explain the lies and how he is taking money from his supporters , not a trump supporter but I’m curious , I’m being serious . Please elaborate , thank you .

  4. So Mitch mcconnell, Lyndsey graham and other Republicans Votes should be overturned as they are on the same Ballot as Biden and Trump.

    1. That is very strange, neither McConnell or Graham are any good for them to be in a law legislation Senate, They have been shown to be bias, but of a legal term, “bad faith”.

    2. @Michael Wuj Anyone that support torturers, are mentally ill. In the same class as cannibals. Biden also has not condemned torture. Making all of America ill, till the time torturers are held accountable as easily to condemn to a hospital or Prison. Not leaders or neighbors in America.

    3. Danrion why are are the Democrats scared of a forensic audit so we can get to the bottom of the problem? What are the Democrats and media hiding?. The world is watching in anticipation of a Trump victory. The longer Democrats try to stall an audit the more the public assumes it was rigged. Even 25% of Democrats believe it was rigged and I suspect you do as well.
      Remember, cheaters never win

    4. @Free Speech the audit needs to be nationally done. Finding, fixing the problem.
      But it can’t be that mess up to change the majority vote.
      Plus, plus this proven lieing fraud of a president, is self evident. endorses torturering.
      Definitely is not credible nor should be taken credible.
      But hospitals or Prison. Not leaders of the free world, nor as a neighbor in America. We all know if there is a audit of vote, torturer supporters will be found to have voted twice or more.

    1. There is no doubt in my mind that Mr Trump broke his oath when he became president to uphold the Constitution, he broke the oath he has lied he is led many people on the wrong path and he goes on punished? Yes I’ve heard that word treason when is someone going to have the backbone to get him for his actions apparently his Republican people also need to be charged for standing up for this outrageous behavior against our constitution I am neither Democrat nor Republican but I love my country and you are all destroying it that are standing behind this behavior every darn one of you hope you’re proud of yourself look at yourself on the TV and say I’m doing this for America think again you’re doing it for yourself you selfish arrogant followers

  5. Even in third world countries opponent accept Defeat for the sake of peace in the country. Under Trump America become worst than third world country.

    1. @Tech ti : Are the “people in dark suits” the reptilian agenda people? Also, it’s SO funny that you should bring up communism when your boy Trump is being backed by Putin on this election fraud sham. To think that you’re SO dumb that it’s never crossed your mind the fact that if a cruel communist dictator (leader of our arch enemy) is backing something then it sure canNOT be good for the US. Do the math, madam

    2. Danrion lol this election had less integrity than 3rd world countries. Trucks loads of completed ballots transported interstate. WTF?

    3. @Free Speech : Ah yes, the truckloads of ballots which there is absolutely no evidence of.  

      First it was a bunch of catering trucks who were supposed to have been delivering lunch – all because some girl didn’t get her snack 😂

      Next it was an algorithm developed by Hugo Chavez which “blew up” when it generated so many fake votes that it exceeded its own capacity. But hey, the numbers matched the votes so it either isn’t true or we have witnessed the first algorithm to generate its own backup documentation 😂😂😂

    4. @Free Speech : I thought the most satisfying thing would be Trump losing the election but it turns out that it’s more satisfying to have watched him lose it every day since election day 😂😂😂

  6. Scorched earth was always trumps goal if he didn’t win. He’s probably kicking back and smiling at what he’s caused.

    1. @Patrick Wood I’m sure this will be a fun comment to visit in 2022 as the goal posts for the “Kraken” or “blizzard” ect will have moved again and the knuckle dragging conspicy theorists will wet themselves again as they get baited for the 200th time.

    2. @kjsieme 1 I hear people say they can’t wait until the shooting starts if commies push a little too hard something will set it off and it can’t be stopped until one side defeats the other. In Civil War One it built up and sides were chosen like now. And one side fired in other side and 600,000 Republicand died freeing slaves.

    1. Now MAGA people can’t tell me that Trump isn’t a wannabe dictator or tyrant. I think counter action is needed now before this country goes down the drain if it hasn’t already.

    2. @Imma Node Why? Because what you’re hearing is that the moves being made are madness? What if they’re not? What if there really is reason to file suit with the Supreme Court? Even if the outcome ends up becoming not one you like. Isn’t that still democracy at work? These people, Trump & Republicans are not acting outside of what the Constitution sets forth. If you really want to understand what’s happening from a pretty impartial viewpoint, go to OfficialACLJ on YouTube and have a listen. They are Conservatives and pro Trump, but they’re newscast and info is professional, unemotional, and as non partisan as I’ve found. They’re ultimately pro America. Just my 2 cents.

  7. “People at war with themselves will always cause collateral damage in the people around them.” – John Mark Green

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    1. Because Republicans are in power. They hold the Senate. The ALLOW his seditious and traitorous behavior and REFUSE to hold him accountable. Because Republicans continue to vote for and re-elect these soul-less, corrupt, excuses for human beings who have absolutely no moral compass. I think Republican voters go out of their way to find the WORST excuse for a human being and that’s who they vote for in droves. Criminals, rapists, child pornographers–all welcome to be elected to the Senate and House in the Republican party. No, democrats aren’t perfect, but at least democrats try to get rid of the criminals. Republicans embrace them.

    2. @Michael Wuj right and trump is smiling all the way to the bank with donations from his followers. The Con worked well. He has amassed over 207 million dollars for his pockets from his believers. Did you donate/give him money? I hope you didn’t. All of the donations will be used to pay his lawyers to keep him out of jail. Specifically the Southern District of New York. He cheated on his taxes. The guy is a conman.

  8. A lot of liberals ( myself included) never believed Trump was a legitimate president , but nobody seemed to worry about us being radicalized.

    1. Cults was to strong a word. Now we look at the action, the Trump cult is right. The cult has not separated from Trump, they want to seize power.

    2. Many people said they collect guns to protect themselves from the government. I thought it was sort of silly. Government would never do that to us? Oops! I’m wrong again! Oh well I’m blond!

    3. Right. In general, I don’t think that liberals/Democrats do the same thing at all. The GOP say we do what they do – but I don’t believe that there is evidence to prove that.

    1. @silverpairaducks Trump told Republicans to vote in person and not by mail. Republicans sued in several states to not allow mail in ballots to be counted until after the polls closed. They knew that in person voting would likely favor Trump and mail in would likely favor Biden. Not allowing the mail in votes to be counted early led to the red mirage that started to fade as more and more mail in ballots were counted.

      The Republicans set it up that way on purpose to push their lies about fraud.

  9. So now the GOP will get a chance to see those Patriot Act and Homeland Security “over-reaches” used against their own supporters.

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