Filling the Education Gap | TVJ News - August 23 2021 1

Filling the Education Gap | TVJ News – August 23 2021

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  1. Parents please help your kids as much as possible .
    I do believe that most parents can assist basic sch children and primary sch children so please impart your knowledge .

  2. I just HATE when parents complain about what their children cannot do and struggling with… Even the simple things??? Maybe they need to be spoonfed themselves because such parents have TOTALLY forgot that education starts at home.

  3. This why I don’t understand when parents fussing about buying books for kids to go back to school because even if school don’t open they need to buy the books n get the school work done. Even if the parents don’t understand the school work it’s our duty to seek help n not expecting government or others to teach our children

  4. This is great but 1 reservation i remember going to to basic school and i am still in contact with my old basic skl teacher and she disclosed to me that while she was teaching children for decades she her self could not read and she wasnt numerate. This is an issue alot of early childhood skls are not hiring competent qualified n trained persons to teach its just church member hooking up other church members, family n freinds to work at some of these skl

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