1. … If Individual One, an unindicted coconspirator, is ever before a fair and impartial judge he may be granted a blindfold and a cigarette prior to the execution of sentence.

    1. I think that’s what people are worried about, can they get a fair and impartial jury for prosecuting him. Some say it’s not possible.
      And you KNOW he would cry about ANY jury. It’s going to be difficult.

  2. That is true for Trump supporters also. They only care about problems that directly effect them. Nothing else matters in the country. That’s why their yell all the time “My country” for everything.

    1. @Chief Scalpalot I said nothing about BLM. Contains to copy and paste your responses. Shows you can’t think for yourself.

  3. We all know Trump is a pathological liar who shows no remorse or regret in what he did and never will.
    Hearing him speak is like listening to Charles Mansions excusing his cults murders…
    It’s juts insane.

  4. “We have a lot of theories, we just don’t have the evidence ”
    Rudy Giuliani

  5. Why do they keep saying “he didn’t understand”? He’s not a freaking child he does understand he just doesn’t care!!

    1. So you people are really still bashing trump? He’s been out of office forever now and things have gotten way more expensive under joe. It’s hard for me to believe trump is worse then Biden

  6. It has been understood that psychiatrists were discouraged from making an analysis known about sitting presidents. But now, some of them should come together and publish an honest assessment of this man’s mental faculties. Even though 30% will not accept the findings it should be out there because they will eventually prove to be true.

  7. He invited
    He incited
    They rioted
    He then denied it
    Even though he implied it
    Now he must be indicted!

    1. @Joan Frellburg said “Not a poetry fan I take it.”
      I replied with a rhyme, read my first comment a second time.

  8. This phsyco was in charge of our country for four years. Like driving in the back seat of a car with a drunk person driving. Can’t let something like this happen again!

  9. It wasn’t tens of thousands of people that tragically died; it was hundreds of thousands of people that tragically died because he did nothing intentionally

    1. @M Hall And what does that have to do with Trump lying about losing the election? A lie that helped lead to this interaction

  10. “They were forgeries…and other things.” 😑 The man has the intelligence and depth of a four-year old.

    1. Yet all his own judges and his own yes-men allllllll turned him down. All the people he appointed turned him down. I think he won one legal challenge on a technicality – but still lost scores of others. Yet there he squats, claiming everyone else is wrong except him. Ludicrous.

    1. @Yoga Rocks yeah ok. When Biden literally refers to the parkland shooting as happening in 1918 instead of 2018 and says proudly drunk driving isn’t a crime 😂

    2. @BandmanLuke so what he did as if trump doesn’t make mistakes lmao u thought u did something 🤣 💀

    3. @Rob Wienema band thinks trump can’t make mistakes cause trump isn’t human and is not getting old. 🤷‍♀️

  11. He can never stop grifting. He simply never stops trying to convince as many people as he can of a fake reality that will get him what he wants. He loves his supporters like a cult leader loves his or her members. They are simply “tools” that he “loves” as long as they have utility for him.

  12. When Trump says, “It was a sad day”, he meant in that he was not able to overthrow the will and votes of a majority of Americans.

    1. @frank carone Remember the last time y’all were crowing about the polls? (I believe y’all called it the “red wave”.)

  13. Alex Holder, a filmmaker says Trump was detached from reality and a man who actually believes in his own lies. To be President of the U.S. and to be irrational is terrifying.

    1. @FlushaArt Intergalatic wow nice job. How much did you get paid to post this, it sounds like a sweet gig.

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