Finance Minister Opens 2022/2022 Budget Debate | TVJ News – Mar 8 2022

Finance Minister Opens 2022/2022 Budget Debate | TVJ News - Mar 8 2022 1


  1. Rubbish!!! just take off the tax off the fing gas.. the two government is rubbish Jamaica and Jamaicans are doom in this hard time ahead of us..

  2. Jamaican politicians is like a bunch of comedians giving jokes and laughing at people suffereaction still not talking about the hyperinflation

  3. Opening a bank account is a trick you lose 10% off your money sitting in a bank account. They didn’t say anything about the hyperinflation. SMFH

    1. Bit coin still won’t help because you still need money to buy it so fix the dollar the country will get better

    2. Jamaica people who have money run 🏃‍♀️ to another country now. War is to come here for food just watch shame on u mr Clark. Just take the tax off Gass

  4. OMG this is wickedness on its highest level do not keep your money in the bank they are trying to keep you poor use your money to buy assets and not liabilities

  5. That is a sham pure big talk” gas going up anyway I am a motorists and I am tell all Jamaican people who’s listening to this finance minister he’s lieing

  6. Images on those notes make sense. It’s good to know that someone has the sense to think of the idea

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