Finance Minister Slams Opposition - Jamaica's Budget Debate | TVJ News - March 23 2021 1

Finance Minister Slams Opposition – Jamaica’s Budget Debate | TVJ News – March 23 2021


Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clark, has blasted the Opposition Spokesman on Finance for comments he made during his contribution to the budget debate in closing the budget debate.

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    1. @Gamer Relm 1.0 over 1 year in the pandemic and they haven’t invest in a rapid testing machine to ramp up testing, the still depending on Trinidad for testing. All they doing is killing the economy with restrictions, and forcing people to go out in crowds to get necessities, which will lead to a spike in Covid. One year of curfews and they fail to see that it’s not working, and they need to shift the focus to ramp up testing. How can u separate and contain the infection if you can’t get test results the same day?

    2. @Gamer Relm 1.0 fam look at the reality, the people need safety measures to put in place to go about their business not stay at home restrictions. Most Jamaican are hustlers so they have to go out and hustle to feed their family so stay at home is not an option so ramp up testing and quarantine and treat the ones infected so that others can go about their business safely is the answer. Antigen rapid test is the solution.

  1. Isn’t that still an increase? He should talk about the dollar’s value and why it’s decreasing….

  2. Listen some of these politicians dont have a clue what is happening because they buy their food in bulk and not knowing the actual cost for the things at a regular shop kmt am tired

  3. Consumer Affairs numbers don’t represented the actual reality people are feeling and seeing when they go shopping. That needs to be redone.

  4. Lol ……i hear ( cliff confuse ) (from Nation Wide Radio ) making the same rediculos distinction on Julians presentation . We all know that What Julian is saying it true …….The price of everything has increase significantly and that is a fact. This youth Nigel has no shame at all for denying the truth …..i guess it ain’t no use giving a toddler a man’s job and expecting any better utterances from him . The audacity of Nigel say that there will be no new taxes in his budget presentation when the prices of everything has already been increase …….look at the US dollar or better Gasoline . It look as if Symbols and titles has gotten yo some of these youths head and has rendered them blind as a bat .

  5. It nuh really matter where it come from… every supermarket have their own price listing. Are people paid enough to cover these cost?

  6. U still a talk bout pnp when u won by landslide….n still dont have a clue of how to run this in 2021 …going back to 2000..kmt

  7. Why is your Prime Minister lying about taking the vaccine. He did not take the vaccine. That nurse was not giving a vaccine. As a nurse in Canada that not how you administer a vaccine. You Prime Minister is lying to the people who he is serving

  8. So what about if a person come to Jamaica for only two weeks and have things in to the warft how are we supposed to get them

  9. Nothing none of you say makes any difference as long as the dollar stays devalue your just putting all of us in Jamaica to death

  10. Electricity is too high, 12 us cents in Texas 18, in London but 30 in Kingston.
    A solution is needed because we importing the oil to produce energy and that inturn pressuring our currency. By solving the energy crisis we would strengthen back the Jamaican Dollar and give our selves a better purchasing power. So if the opposition finance minister is saying things could be better, then let us hear a proposal solution.

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