Fire at Hydel High School in Jamaica | Opposition Concerned About Delta Variant - July 22 2021 1

Fire at Hydel High School in Jamaica | Opposition Concerned About Delta Variant – July 22 2021


Face to face summer classes were halted at the Hydel High School in St. Catherine, Jamaica after a section of the facility caught fire this morning. It's understood that the fire started in the school's main office.

Introduction 0:00
Third Covid Wave in Jamaica is Imminent – 5:30
New Manchester Head of Police on Crime Strategy – 12:06
Family Seeks Answer from Black River Hospital – 17:11
Th Business Minute – 21:11

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  1. Poor mommy i feel ur pain . At that age 70 + broken hip. She cannot move so it will give her BED SORE IF DO NOT GET A DAILY ATTENTION.

  2. What happened to fire extinguisher on the compound to help until fire trucks come.
    If the computers plug in and no a/c units to cool it you get heat and heat =fire.

  3. Mi can not see how ppl behind bar and have access to society, but it cause from one thing corruption

  4. SMO of Black River hospital needs to shut his mouth, all that he is saying is wrong. As a medical personnel he should not be using the patient’s info and broadcasting it,just to try and save face for the hospital. It’s a pity more Jamaicans don’t sue, how could he be discussing the lady’s medical issues like that? Plus we don’t even know if it’s true. As a medical personnel I’m amazed. Those look like bedsores, and they can form in hours if a person is left in the same position for over 4 hours and not turn, if they can’t turn themselves. If someone goes to a hospital or a nursing home & then gets them while there, it’s that place responsibility.

  5. @ TVJ & Black River hospital, I’m going to be calling you out on social media. As Jamaicans we need to educate ourselves better on how we care for elderly, if the lady has a broken hip, she can’t move, so an immobile patient needs to be turn a a certain frequency, what we need to be asking is what is the hospital’s policy on turning their patients? Is these sores because of neglect? Do we have to get family more involved in the care of patients when they in the hospitals because of staff shortages?

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