1. Anyone with any amount of comprehension skills will know what crimes were committed just by watching the video, sorry you need more help.

    2. Possession of an illegal firearm is kind of a big deal. Maybe you missed all the shootings that have been happening across the province.

      Unless you are pro murder and organized crime, I don’t see any drawback to cops doing their job.

  1. geez if the government was smarter they could have used this to help boost legal profits by converting illegal into legal and hire these guys to make the government money we could be exporting canabis to where its legal

  2. Why not focus on fentanyl and heroine, cocain…why is Canniabis an issue?? glad you got some guns off the street though..

  3. weed is legal, that makes selling it the same as bootlegging cigarettes or alcohol. if they moved it across provinces it’ll be some serious time. no one cares if you buy an ounce to sell so you can buy groceries, but a 32 million dollar network is a totally different animal.

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