Fireman Suspended | TVJ News – May 3 2022

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    1. Corruption, slackness, with a bunch of cowards that’s is what happening , proud of he is brave to do this on his own ..

  1. Free of Speech so why he cannot stand up for Justice who suspended him to lose his r her job period.

    1. He makes it easier to discipline him because he protests while wearing his ‘official uniform’- something almost no official organization planet-wide allows, & will always at a minimum be an excuse for dis-linearly matters. Sad to say, whatever his message is, it is being lost in the noise. Basic rule when you know you’re putting yourself out there, alone- meaning, you’re almost certainly going to be punished, or, as he correctly put it, ‘take one for the team’- is he has to make sure he does it FOR A REASON- ie make sure the message he is trying to get out is SIMPLE, OBVIOUS, & CLEAR, so that the public- whom he works for – can understand what he’s about to go down for. Unfortunately, he didn’t do that.

  2. Not only the Fire Brigade but JCF and JDF dem a treat the workers like slaves some not even getting weekends to home much less and when they do talk dem have dem off. We are still in slavery but in a different form.

  3. I saw it coming. Wearing the uniform, a fire above the flag, and making himself a one man target. This should habe been more organized, even if just a firefighters petition.

    1. A regular person yes ,but in 🇯🇲 Jamaica and honduras 🇭🇳 the fire departments are under military control and structure not civilian , if they protest by any reason is called mutiny”

  4. This is a shame we don’t have enough firefighters as it is and you are going to suspend him because he is speaking the truth shame on you all

  5. Sarg wanted some time off now he got it 😅…

    Another reason why i changed my mind to join the fire, army & police forces smh

  6. Great work real firema stand up for your right event you alone burn Babylon who can they 🔥 lightning and brimstone upon the wicked in heart

  7. How is this possible? Cowards. How could other coworkers sat and watch this one man fighting for everyone good.
    The world has change, feraof work and loosing ones job is gone out the window for most people in every country. The exception are Black slaves who don’t understand yet.
    Understand people if you walk off your job, in numbers no one can get rid of you. Because the truth there are skilled worksortages all over the world and persons cannot train overnight. There are power in numbers. Don’t let your colleagues alone loose his job. Let them suspend all of you. See if your superiors are going to take off their suits to hold a hose. They are the one that need suspension.
    It’s these callous and unfair practices in the workforce that lead to innocent casualties in workplace. Management’s never learns. Unfortunately.

  8. Am so proud of him for taking a stand wish more would stand up has he did. But then again most of you are so afraid

  9. Workers have all right to protest.What is so bad about speaking against unsuitable working condition. Is slavery still in affects ? Are these workers unionized ? Give the man a brake he deserved it. Taking about COVID-19 Emergency Vechicle donot even access to go through Tool Booth.

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