Firemen Stage Protest | TVJ News – May 17 2022

Firemen Stage Protest | TVJ News - May 17 2022 1


  1. What the hell is happening in this nasty corruption country, all necessary gears should be overflowing in this department as well, hospitals are running out of things and equipments, no man we Andrew a duh wid the country’s incomes? This is a damn shame and disgrace!

  2. Fireman too? What de baxide a gwaan..😬😞at this rate Jamaica sadly will become the next Sri lanka

  3. Government dirty. Could have stop to speak to the fire fighters.. hope when they call for fire problems no one turn up. 16 parish/State new fire station, 16 police station, 16 new hospital, 16 Post office technology to check ever package..16 new high school, 16 new help department, 16 new taxi / bus terminal, 16 new park …and etc. Country need educated leaders.. facts poor people suffering and crime growing… vote out all dirty government.. freedom of speech and respect people opinion..

  4. what are Jamaican voting for do you see any results what they promise you all nothing but distress this is a shame

  5. Please use capital letters for place names, people’s names and beginning sentences. Children read your work and we need to compliment the work of our teachers in the classroom.

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