First Biden Judge Confirmed; Democrats Slow To Balance Trump Judge Glut 1

First Biden Judge Confirmed; Democrats Slow To Balance Trump Judge Glut


Rachel Maddow tells the history of the judicial nomination of Julien Xavier Neals by President Obama, whose nominees were virtually stalled by Republicans toward the end of his term, and now again by President Biden, who has a long road ahead if he hopes to balance the flood of judges Republicans installed under Donald Trump.
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  1. This kind of purposeful obstruction should be terms to be removed from government. If you can’t do your job, you don’t get to have it. Period.

    1. @Hairy legs Corn Pop Done, the Republican majority senate already investigated Biden in 2020 and cleared him.

    2. @Saul T. Nuts Republicans complained that Trump appointed right wing judges didn’t do their job either. Maybe you just don’t believe in law and order when it’s applied to you.

    3. @v 71 Well, there’d be REAL politicians in office, doing their actual job and not just criminals changing the country to benefit the rich.

  2. My question is: why not have every person on the supreme court to be as close as possible to bipartisan

    1. @Mr. James Thats true but I still think they should be more bipartisan instead of being classified is democrat/republican. Like the overall balance of the court should be half democrat half republican for it to be fair overall

    2. Agreed there should be more independent leaning judges to break any tie of republican and democrats.

    3. @hhg hhg As independent as you can get for a court. Someone like Merrick Garland would do just fine.

    4. @Marie V there should be no political affiliation with judges whatsoever. Their job is to be impartial interpreters of the law and to follow the constitution and the law. That’s the problem here

    1. @Joshua Rodriguez he’s a scary little troll and a white version of Obama. Radical to the core

    2. @Scribbles except the republicans just project their own actions onto the democrats, and we can see with our own eyes that republican actions are in fact that of a fascist authoritarian movement.

    3. Yea there not twisted and corrupt liberals they follow the law. Just because they say there republican doesn’t mean they don’t uphold the law and justice

    1. @jungnashun rerd Cute. New Jersey is still a train wreck. more people moving out than in, high taxes, and ridiculous laws.

    1. @BluePill Williamson any time I see that ugly mug I click on it just to give a thumbs down. Check the thumbs up vs down on anything with her, biden or harris, it’s laughable.

  3. Ugh don’t remind me. It’s almost impossible to win at monopoly when the banker is cheating

  4. Tell it like it was. This happened to a lot of highly qualified candidates. Despicable.

  5. Seems like the Democrats Senate wasted time. A lot of time confirming this man. Oh they are doing more important things.

  6. When people insist that the judicial branch be political instead of judicial and legal reasoning Orwellian life ensues.

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