1. A native of Baltimore and its southern suburbs for my entire life, I have never given up on my birthplace city. It has had extreme challenges due to history and will continue to evolve from those challenges. But so does the rest of our country continue to evolve. I am beyond the moon with joy and relief that Governor Elect Moore will be in our state house for the next four years and not the other candidate (a member of the trump castrati).

  2. I love Wes Moore what an amazing human being! I’ve read his book, “ the work” great book that was on a Oprah! Love him! If runs for president I’m voting for him big time and he will one day!!!!!!❤

  3. MLK said “they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” sad that we’re still doing this today.

  4. Brilliant, shrewd, seems very clear about his mission. ….oh and almost forgot the winning smile😄
    Well done and God speed Governor!👏🙏

  5. There will be a day when the media will no longer need to say, “this is the first black elected to….”

    …. Untill that day ….

  6. The Chairman of the DCCC lost his seat last night in a huge upset. Let that be the message to the people in charge of the party, regarding donations to election-denying candidates.

  7. Wow this guy is just getting started He has ideas vision and he is smart + well spoken
    He will go far and we are very lucky

  8. I love the “don’t be a stranger advice” at the end considering this is Wes Moore’s first political experience. Well he won’t be a stranger anyMoore!!😂🎉

  9. I believe in him, I see much success ahead for his state. Looking forward to seeing how he progresses throughout Washington.

  10. I’m not from Maryland but did catch a few of this young mans speeches and wow. He is president material. Great leader and incredibly intelligent

  11. Congratulations, Governor-elect Westley Moore!!

    Not only is Moore the first Black governor of our state, but also the first Afghanistan War veteran, and first Gen-Xer voted into the Government House in Annapolis! He’s also a brilliant individual and we look forward to his visions and strategies for the Free State ❤️

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