1. I did. I just suspected it would be for k!lling one of his “friends”. I mean he’s gravely injured a few and traumatized some of them but hasn’t reached his ultimate goal yet but if he isn’t deported and he keeps making videos then it’s just a matter of time.

  1. I didn’t realize a Tesla was that front heavy. Figured it would have been way more even distributed than that.

    1. Honestly I’ve never seen a testicle flying like this before, so I was going to say that I didn’t realise that it has always this light. I don’t really believe that it was really front heavy here and was simply a case of it starting to flip over the arc of the jump. The cars are actually much more evenly weight distributed as the battery pack runs throughout the entire bottom of the vehicle in what is called the skateboard modular framework design. It is a design choice that is now being massively adopted by other car companies new and old that are looking to design their car frames more efficiently for this form of transport.

    2. @Thomas Bonse Yes this definitely seems to be a case for electric cars that will be further using the skateboard modular framework design that Tesla seems to have pioneered and is now being used by other companies for their models. I think that this could smell a whole new ballgame for vehicle stunts if they are more evenly balanced like this.

  2. Living in this part of LA for 12 years; our cars are routinely hit because of the hills and non-locals trying to drive up and down them

  3. Yo that’s really rough that he just spent 4500 on a new engine to have that happen to him😞

  4. That road seriously needs speed breakers on both sides just before that hump. Hopefully someone will sue these “influencers” to let them know that they cannot get away with their crap.

    1. “sue these influencers”
      The British have great word for people like this: “wankers”; so it should be sue “these wankers”.

    1. @JERA Yeah, but that’s crowd-funded money from a numerous amount of charitable individuals.
      The suspect who caused the accident should have gone through the proper protocols on informing the owners of the two other vehicles damaged (as well as any homeowners of property damage) by this pointless stunt. Exchange the necessary information and than report any insurance claims to start the claims process.
      The owner of that Subaru will most likely receive more in value from that GoFundMe campaign (once the campaign is officially over or ended), compared too what any insurance adjuster would have determined the vehicle’s actual cash value.

      But honestly, what a waste of a once drivable Tesla. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♂️

    2. @JERA you could get a used one for 23k but his engine was brand new and used isn’t brand new so no not better off unless he gets his 50k, a reasonable compensation for the bullshit and no ones hopefully even farted in his new car till he does it first!

  5. When does a YouTube “influencer” get treated like a politician?
    When they commit crimes that are video recorded, but don’t get prosecuted under the exact same laws that the rest of us would be prosecuted for. ~WTAF?!~

    1. It wasn’t David driving. He had nothing to do w a flying tesla. But those involved will be prosecuted 100%. And the Subaru owner got $23k. Sucks it wrecked his car but now he’s gotta new 1

    2. @JERA I am sure he didn’t know who was driving….right? Or he knew that the stunt was going to happen…..because he just hangs out on that hill and records all the drivers…knowing a crime is going to happen and not reporting it could be interpreted as accessory.

    3. @JERA David is responsible 4 alot of $hit that goes on ans isnt held accountable because his Stans uphold him in every stupid thing he does. He asked his friend to get on a rope hanging from an excavator and then started swinging him too fast and almost killed him. He points his camera and films girls getting drunk and then tells his friend to try and have a 3 way with the girls and they couldn’t stand up so how did they give consent. He has injured and traumatized every person he knows. He needs 2 be deported and cancelled from social media periodt. He makes these videos and other people try 2 do stupid stuff like him for clout. He’s a menace.

    4. @Madhatman exactly! Like clearly he wasn’t there just thinking, “hmm. Probably a good time to walk over to Baxter Hill with my camera turned on 🚶‍♂️”

      He knew someone was going to be over there committing mischief, and he is culpable. It would be no different than attending a drag race. In fact, I would argue this falls under the spirit of California’s Vehicle Code Section 23109(b), which makes it illegal to attend or participate in a drag race.

    1. Those kids should man up and pay for it🤬
      If the can play around with a Tesla then they’ve got enough money to give him a dream car.

  6. “Bye bye Subaru”, it’s a Grammy winner… better than what’s probably going to win one this year… and he plays a real instrument too. Bravo to him, I like how he refuses to let such a sh*t thing like that get him down… the world should learn a thing or two about handling your composure and accepting what you’re dealt from guys like the Dead Subaru Folksinger!

  7. Tesla have cameras everywhere on them.
    There is video of someone getting into the abandoned car.
    Tesla records where the car was and where it is.
    Finding out who was in the car and what car they they got into after and where they went should only take 5 minutes.

  8. i feel so bad for this man and the cat that was said to be in the tesla during the “stunt.” People can really be so stupid, careless, and selfish. I grew up about 5 minutes away from these hills and my best friend lives there. She has told me multiple times people are trying more and more dangerous things with their cars trying to one up each other. It’s just beyond words how wrong this is but then again it’s all very on brand for dumb teenage and twenty-some year old boys looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

    1. dont feel bad……. his GOfundme had over $25k last time i checked in less than a week…..for a minor scratch!! so he is happy this happened

    2. My uncle in the 80s tried riding down this street on a bike lol he didn’t make it he is alive but his ego is still hurt

  9. I’m so sick of YouTube’s apologies only consisting of “it was just for entertainment”. That means, “I just did it to make money, without much thought. I guess I could’ve been creative and come up with any other entertaining ideas, or had common sense about safety and respect but I chose to live in delusion.”

  10. I have seen go carts hop that street growing up. Never thought it would be a national landmark in the worst kind of way.

  11. OMG! Imagine if someone had been hurt or killed. How terrible is this?!
    Doing this on a city street is not the place to do “Crazy, Dangerous”, no joke. People please do nut try this!

  12. I really hope this man gets a bunch of ‘gigs’ because of the attention the influencers got. Silver lining of sorts!

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