First Felony Sentencing in Capitol Riot To Set Precedent For Dozens Of Cases 1

First Felony Sentencing in Capitol Riot To Set Precedent For Dozens Of Cases

A member of the January 6th mob faces up to 21 months in prison after pleading guilty to obstructing Congress. Former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks and Huffington Post senior justice reporter Ryan Reilly share what to expect from the sentencing and from the first hearing of Congress’ select committee on the Capitol Riot. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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First Felony Sentencing in Capitol Riot To Set Precedent For Dozens Of Cases


  1. Leniency will NOT unite the country, it will only encourage further insurrection. Attempted insurrection without consequence is merely practice for the next one.

    1. @Jesse James Jesse James- Troll, Joined 1 month ago. There was no involvement by federal agents.

    2. @Jesse James

      f trump,
      he worships
      adolf hitler according to
      Gen Mark Milley
      Gen John Kelly


    3. @David Gray

      we patriots
      need to support President Biden cuz adolf trump aint coming back till the 5th week of august, the date was moved again to keep us in a tizzy!


    4. @olabode Akinola attempted coup? You mean like the attempted coup that was the impeachment based on a manufactured dossier about Russian collusion, purchased by Cruella Clinton?

    5. @Some Guy No, what part of watched the AZ senate hearing live streamed do you not understand…Or should I just let Democrats and the liberal media tell me what to think about it instead?…

  2. If these treasonists don’t receive strong sentences, their fellow treasonists will come out of the woodwork, guns loaded!

    1. @Rodney Short 100% agree….
      Investigation of the riots will bring more attention to the evidence that Proud boy brown shirts and waffen oath keepers operated as agent provocateurs…..

    2. @Aunty Pha They didn’t riot in the Capital to stop transfer of power, “Aunty Pha.” Good try playing dumb. They are all going to jail and see if trump cares.

    3. And if that happens, these judges might as well just pick up guns and start shooting and killing all of us.

    4. @Ngauruhoe zodiac then they better start in new york. Chicago l a and Washington. That were you gangs are. Get them bad boys

    1. Let it be known that:
      *His Most Exalted and Serene Orange Majesty President for Life Trump, Commander of the Faithful, Chosen One, Second Coming of Christ, Very Stable Genius, will be reinstated on Aug 13.*

    2. @Romeo The people who called themselves Democrats during the confederacy would call themselves Republicans today. Weird. It’s almost like you have to follow the ideology and not the names, since there was a major ideological shift after the time period you’re talking about. Doesn’t fit your pretty narrative though, does it? 😉

    3. Different kind of obstructing congress, his constituents need to hold him accountable. AS much as I dislike Yertle the Turtle, charging him with a crime for his antics would be a bad precedent, would politicize representational politics more than it already is.

    1. @John Clarke All manstream news sources at this point. but kudos if you stopped drinking the koolaid.

  3. In 1953 the Rosenbergs were executed for espionage. Shouldn’t the penalty for treason be more than 18 months?

    1. I see selective outrage. Far worse happened in Portland with no consequences. Give them 18 months too. Also let’s look at Biden taking money from Russia

    2. @Jolly Rancher research what secrets Mr Rosenburg actually gave the soviets. It turns out he gave them useless info. It was his brother in law (David Greenglass) who was the main culprit and he lied to save his wife’s skin. He gave evidence that his sister was the person who typed up the notes to give to the Russians, when in fact it was his own wife. The US government then decided to put pressure on the Rosenburgs for the names of more Communists. They thought the Rosenburgs would buckle under the pressure but they didn’t. The Rosenburgs were very principled people in the sense they did not want to implicate anyone else, so they didn’t take any deals. The prosecutor was a very young Roy Cohn and he pushed for the death penalty for both. Who is Roy Cohn, apart from the prosecutor in this case? He was Donald Trump’s early mentor and lawyer (you might know this already). The case of the Rosenburgs is a miscarriage of justice.

    3. @Lona Valin Hate to ruin a story I’m sure you love to spread around…. but it wasn’t “our Uranium” – a Canadian company owned it. The US lost nothing.

    4. @Uniquely Lily I don’t think so. Treason involves joining an enemy we are in a shooting war with and taking up arms against the United States or at least helping an enemy we are in a shooting war with wage war on us. Precious few treason prosecutions have ever happened in this country. Nobody will get charged with treason for this. Several have other felony charges and some will probably get several years in prison.

    5. @Latina Forever The Rosenburgs were white and some (although certainly not most) of the capitol riot people are black or Hispanic. The difference is that the government correctly perceives that sharing the information necessary to build a nuclear bomb with the Soviets during the Cold War is a significantly worse crime then throwing a violent temper tantrum due to an election loss.

      Both are definitely crimes, but there is significant difference between them and so of course the penalties are different.

    1. @Fossil Draws but I only stand with the job thing cause people need a way to live and I don’t think having a record should stop you from getting jobs on the other hand they should not give guns to people who have a violent record

    2. @Lil Smallz I believe a man who’s paid his debt to society deserves all his rights. The right to bear arms was meant to be inalienable.

    3. @Fossil Draws America already can’t deal with gun violence so why should they give a gun to someone who has a violent history now I would agree with you if was a Misdemeanor

    1. Too many Trump sucking, right wing, ideologues like him in the military for that to happen. He’s probably being toasted, not roasted, at the Ft. Meyer Social Clubs and those at most other military bases.

  4. “the terrorists that are attacking us and trying to undermine our democracy”– you mean republiQans I assume…

  5. Lincoln pardon the confederacy and yet the “confederacy” is still undermining democracy. This time, “Lock them Up”!

  6. I’m in the UK . I thought they would have at least ten years and their possessions sold to pay for the damage .

    1. Nah, they’re all white people who support the Republican Party. That gets you a “get out of jail for free” card more often than not, don’t be surprised if Kyle Rittenhouse walks away with a couple million after he walks away uncharged.

    2. IT depends on the individual charges. Some went into building but didn’t do any harm and then left. Others, though will see higher sentences, again depending on the charges. None were charge with treason or sedition yet but they could in the future

    1. It’s sad that the claim of ignorance of building awareness is allowing arrested insurrectionists freedom from jail. That shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

    2. How is thinking you’re in the Whitehouse any better than being in the Capital building? So he thought he was overtaking the Whitehouse and that’s okay???

    3. most criminals are somewhat confused and profoundly stupid. These are no different and as you point out are just as dangerous – and deserve harsh sentences.

  7. An attempted coup is a misdemeanor? 18 months? Seems more like criminals don’t pay rather than crime doesn’t.

    1. Hitler served nine months of a five year sentence for treason in the Beer Hall Putssch. He was still an Ausrian citizen.

    2. yeah and how about that african american lady (I think in Florida or Alabama) who served five years for accidentally making a voting error.

  8. EIGHTEEN MONTHS. How many POC are in prison for nonviolent drug crimes for more than that many YEARS? This isn’t ‘leniency,’ this is letting them almost totally get away with it.

  9. The judges always said “ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law”. How is this a defense now? Oh I know now. Say less.

    1. @Romeo The only people more dishonest and morally corrupt than Trump is the cult that needs liars like that to lead them.

    2. And Biden Harris and nasty Nancy should be impeached for what they have done to American in 6 months. And tell why is Nancy’s husband selling all the stock?is she getting ready to take over for Harris. God help us us she is. We’ll all be down the tubes

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