1. Forget politics, as you’ve come to see it, as a contest between Republicans and Democrats. Today the struggle is democracy versus oligarchy.

    1. @2nd Amendment Supporter I’m a bleeding heart *liberal progressive.* Not necessarily in that order, but it’s who I am. And in saying that, knowing who you are. I’d like to say that I respect you anyway. I can’t blame you for the unhinged fake information you’ve been fed for GOD knows how long. But hey. If those things are what you believe. Go with it. Unless you’re completely brainwashed to the point of my talking to a rock. Like I said. I respect you. And I bid you adiu.

  2. Susan Collins ….
    “I haven’t learned my lesson, so this is virtue signaling.”
    “Hey.. I wonder if trump has learned his lesson?.. Yah, probably!”

    1. As a republican I hope what Collins uttered comes true. I do hope that in the near future Trump retires from any political efforts. We need new blood as Presidential hopefuls. Even so, if Trump runs and is twice as worse as he was before, I would still vote for him other than for any democrat running.

    2. @Andrew Pinson I’m not a Dem or Repub, and I agree with you, except I wouldn’t vote for any of them.

    1. She’s only “classy” because she did something you agreed with, otherwise you’d probably want to jail her.

    2. @Nar Rogers Not true. Even though we differ in our thoughts, she’s always conducted herself like a lady and I’ve always admired her that way. In this case, she is dealing with another lady, who’s about to take a new turn in her life and I think that Collins, knowing the inevitable, chose to be kind, rather than like many of the Senate’s “gentlemen,” and show their true colors. She’s a class act!

    1. Exactly….her words and activities are a typical highlit focus as she sometimes theatricly rolls over.
      Mit Romney fillibustering the most qualified appointment given the limited experience of seated currently.

    2. @Brian Walls let’s hope you’re wrong. Can’t have someone on the SCOTUS who can’t define a “woman” when we have so many gendered laws not to mention not following sentencing guidelines for the worst kind of people out there!

  3. how broken of a country are we when nearly 100% of republicans would vote against a nominee solely because a Democrat nominated them. Of course the opposite was also true when Trump nominated judges. Just pathetic as a country to see that happen.

  4. This is Susan Collins.
    She should not be trusted with a vote that should be as straight-forward, and easy as this one.

  5. Can’t believe Mitt Romney is unsure of Judge KBJ’s qualifications. Judicial philosophy shouldn’t be an issue when looking at her qualifications and her 3 step process of judgment of each case. This process is actually more telling of a just and leve heading manner of judgment.

    1. @John Browneyes and doesn’t follow sentencing guidelines for the worst of the worst and doesn’t know what a woman is in a nation with a lot of gendered laws.
      She’s obviously not qualified at all.

    2. @RidgeRunner when she is sitting on the bench of exactly that question. Her decision is pending, she cannot legally answer this question while on the bench. Republicans knew this, and continue to press it

  6. They say that the SC is supposed to be impartial and unpolitical. But literally everything that touches it is influenced by politics. They should simply nominate candidates and leave the decision to the voters imo.

  7. I don’t know how many other people are feeling like I do, but it seems to be getting worse with politicians opening their mouths and meaningless words just fall out then CNN just nods their head and moves on.

  8. Can’t imagine for cheating in Casino you can be jail 10-15 years this judge sentence of 3 months for having hundreds of video and pics of child porno 🤦🏽‍♂️

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