1. @Danny451 The devil has dominion over the world until Jesus Christ returns. We live in a fallen world where bad things happen and people have free will.

    2. @catalinacurio God loves all his children equally. I’m pretty sure democrats are more likely to not be Christian though.

    3. I pray the storm will come back the next year and be even worse than this year. It would be sad if it didn’t come back a 2nd time around with higher mortality rates than the first.

    1. @Danny451 God gives us freedom to choose our thoughts and actions. He sees and knows what we do not.
      Life and situation changing prayer is a mighty thing.
      It’s not a quick mental text to Almighty God, but a fervent humbling yourself before God in petition for another person or situation.
      Intercession prayer is intense 🌷

    1. Feel exactly the same. But found your moniker and your message kind of ironic and incongruent in an amusing way from a certain perspective. “Que sera sera” translates to “what will be, will be.” Just one of those strange coincidences, I know, and if you’ll forgive the strange way my mind works sometimes…

    2. This person has the hope of being resurrected back to life to live on the Paradise earth. Psalm 37:11, 29; Isaiah 45:18; John 5:28, 29.

    1. Either some people don’t understand English very well, or they’re deliberately trying to turn something innocuous into something nefarious for their own misguided purpose. What the phrase means is being thankful that their weren’t any earlier casualties reported. That’s a good thing. Naturally, it’s a given that no person dying tragically is to be celebrated. Evil minds think in evil ways, seeing evil in others where none exists, because they think others think like they.

      [EDIT: After reading the replies here, see you just didn’t understand the meaning of the word. And that’s fine; nothing wrong with being confused about something, and I respect you for asking and wanting to learn the truth. The definition is correct, but the meaning of the phrase as I explained is also accurate. Some others here are almost certainly complaining about the word just to denigrate the media, so this was the same recycled reply used for them.]

    1. @kirakamu look up covid deaths, not even 1 million let alone millions. Don’t listen to anyone on the internet

    1. Godspeed. Hope my prayers won’t prove useless, but I got nothin’ else to offer you yet. The Emergency has been declared, and the president is behind you. Let’s hope that enough for you, and your tree? ✌️

    2. @Geff Joldblum 👈🐑😡❄️: Wrong lie, wrong thread, Karen 🤦‍♂️🙄🤷‍♂️ . . . 😵‍💫🤤

    1. @Sheila Goos Forgot about climate change. (I’m not saying all hurricanes are due to it but this 100% was. Why? Because its huge and unreasonably too strong to be natural). So I agree that it wasn’t preventable, since our world government sucks. It just seemed like you wanted to make it clear to people that covid was preventable. But covid was natural. Climate change is unnatural because we caused it with a f*ck ton of carbon. There would have always been carbon, but we sped up the process.

      So covid deaths were not preventable. It was either because people didn’t wear masks, or masks were too weak, or the vaccine didn’t work. Those things aren’t preventable.

    2. @WhyYouSalty? unreasonably too strong? It’s strong but not even a category five lol. Also, covid was natural? Seriously? You think covid was made by nature instead of Wuhan where it originated? Good lord, I’m not against climate change but cmon man

    3. Whether the hurricane (natural) or covid (created in wuhan lab), the democrats and news media never let a crisis go to waste. Be afraid – but not too afraid – our new socialist government will take care of you. Just like they have taken care of the American citizens who have now been left for dead in Afghanistan.

  1. I will pray for the family, friends, and loved ones of that beautiful person who sadly passed away. Their death will not be in vain and they will always be remembered. This person will forever guide their family while they are in heaven. Their legacy will be remembered forever. May they rest peacefully in heaven, God bless!♥️😭🙏🏼

  2. I lived in Baton Rouge for 2 years and Entergy is THE WORST when it comes to restoring power!! Always took days after a regular storm to get power back. I can only imagine how many people will be without power for a long time after this mess.
    Plus it seems like the power goes out during almost every storm because they have so many old trees in Louisiana that people just don’t want to cut down or cut away for some reason, which makes a lot of falling trees on power lines.

    1. They probably want the shade…I am pretty sure other states are already getting there to help restore power. Be safe people…..

  3. MSM always deflects Biden with weather. Wild fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes. Always a go to.

    1. A level 4 hurricane is ravaging the southern states and you want all the major news networks to ignore it.

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