2. @Noneshere Better yet…. Why is my tax money paying for immigrants crossing our border ILLEGALLY to stay in fine hotels while vets who took an oath to protect me are homeless sleeping on sidewalks. Biden gave 86 million to put illegals in hotels. Those vets would love a hot meal, hot shower and warm soft bed. I’d rather have my hard earned tax dollars giving them that.

    1. @Sly Shadows thing is, I think without Trump now and with their ratings plummeting…CNN is now finding that they can boost their rating now by covering this mess. I’m glad they’re covering it…but it’s in bad faith of course.

    2. @President Tater Skin Be careful with the blueanon types. They know so much that is wrong and it gets hard on them to think clearly.

    3. @Google User All these MSM stories are directed from the whitehouse as damage control. Deflect, blame, deflect.
      Everything is fine….

  1. I clicked to see footage of a border facility, not footage of kids walking and people standing under a bridge. I’m surprised CNN made this segment last 10 minutes without any meaningful coverage.

    1. When your video is 10 minutes or longer, Youtube gives you the option to place more than one ad on whichever part of the video you want.

    1. Give one immigrant to every person who doesn’t want THE WALL, and make them pay for everything they need.

    1. @Green Warrior : Seems to me that the Insurrection, and the vote to overturn the election taking place during that insurrection was the GOP’s way of declaring that they no longer support the notion of a, “Democratic Republic?” The abject race hatred is one thing, but the denial of America’s foundation? Too much

    2. @Green Warrior if it takes time why did he did he reverse ALL of trumps immigration policies on day one. Anyone with a brain could see that would open the floodgates at the border and create a crisis. Facilities at 1550% capacity during a pandemic, children rounded up in enclousers and sleeping in the dirt, resources and manpower spread thin with thousands of migrants still on their way. Leave it to a liberal to pat themselves on the back for throwing gasoline at a dumpster fire.

    3. ​@Cheezus Christo your point sounds like, it most of all our fault, for electing the most racist president and then realizing only in hindsight how truly inhumane and terrible he was. the Dreamers thought to themselves, the klansman is gone so everybody can come in now.

    4. @Cheezus Christo no I am not clueless, I kknow that trump only won because Putin rigged the 2016 election for him. he couldnt pull it off 2020 so that loser is gone and in jail soon

  2. U.s citizens needs a negative pcr test result before flying back home, but them illegals just walks in freely with no pcr test?

    1. I had to be born here to get voting rights.. I bet every illegal alien will have the same rights before 2024.

    2. @Google User yeah the dems are working to push automatic registration for voting for anyone who attends a university. Many illegals attend school.

  3. We saw them coming since October 2020 when Biden said we can let 2MM in our Country. CNN you have to start doing the journalism you used to do! We want the truth not the biased bullshit. There is a better way! This is not right!

    1. Says the Qult of Karens, living in their mom’s basements, with CNN living inside their heads . . .

  4. CNN would be so happy with all the immigrants coming in , it’s what they have been pushing for the last 4 yrs

  5. Send in undercover reporters with hidden cameras to expose the mistreatment that these children have to endure at the border!!

    1. @Edge-of-Sanity
      Obama did it for times of crisis, and Biden is forced to use it to combat border crisis trump left behind:/ Cleaning up orange clown’s mess is his legacy in a nutshell.

    2. @jeck jeck alright pause, Biden reversing the trump clowns policy is what caused this mess. Are we watching the same news???

    1. Nahh he just wouldn’t allow the media to use this kids for props and ratings.i say good job Biden.

    1. @Teutonic Nordwinds And We all see how convenient it is that *NO ONE* has dared seen the inside of those portable containers that were shipped in with the 1 little barred window.

    1. It’s ok because it’s for protection against fascists. The government is really stupid or they think we are

  6. Send those people back to there countries. This is ridiculous. We can’t even take care of our own people.

  7. The world : we want to see what’s happening

    Biden and Harris: here’s a video of a few peoples shoes walking

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