First Lady Visits Navajo Nation, Engages With Tribal Communities | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

First Lady Visits Navajo Nation, Engages With Tribal Communities | The Last Word | MSNBC


The Biden administration is working to strengthen relations with tribal communities. Representative Sharice Davids, one of the first two Native American women to serve in Congress, says, “Paying attention, learning the issues, showing up, listening and really trying to be as engaged as possible with tribal communities is going to go a really long way to helping address some of the disparities we’ve seen over centuries.” Aired on 04/24/2021.
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First Lady Visits Navajo Nation, Engages With Tribal Communities | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @Bewnie Sandals If you do not understand what a doctorate is you must be still at elementary school; no more sucking your thumb please. XXX

    2. @Bewnie Sandals How many more years of elementary school do you have to complete? It’s great you want to be a Doctor when you grow up. Keep working at it, stay in school, and some day, you will get there.

  1. It’s so nice to see Native Americans having daily representation on Capitol Hill.
    I hope one day they’ll be in a position of power to take back what was stolen from them. Because you know we aren’t known for doing the right thing.

    1. @Carlos Carlos Wholly ignorant and repulsive comment. Aren’t you embarrassed yet?! Delete it, fool!

  2. If Sharice Davids does not help pass HR 1 and the John Lewis VRA, she will be gerrymandered out of Congress. Hope she talks to Joe Manchin!

  3. I want to hear from tribe members who are military veterans and find out how their relationship with the VA is and what’s being done across tribal lands to help vets with PTSD and other ”invisible” wounds.

    1. they probably have a rough time of navigating it, just like any other vet has, no matter their ethnicity ..

    2. @frank bennett Possibly, my comment was just to pose the question and bring some light on the subject.

  4. Salute Biden for visiting the Navajo Nation and giving the Tribes assurance that they will be taken care off!?

  5. Hallelulia… a first lady who is actually fulfilling her role of seeing to the specific needs of the women and children of the country. Melania did nothing, except complain, take trips on the US airplanes and try to look pretty without drawing the attention of her grabby handed husband.

  6. Jill is such a class act; smart, inclusive, and like her husband, a bridge builder. Thank God for Joe and Jill.

    1. Right on bro !!!! I’m black and I approve this message !!! The native americans will always be the people of the americas !!! Long live the bidens so they can fight for the oppressed !!

    2. @samir salah I agree too about Joe and Jill but I must disagree about native Americans always being people of the Americas. They moved there from Asia. The American continent never had people until the emigration from Siberia, Japan and possible China, some 16.000 before. Recently, Aboriginal DNA was found in Amazonian people. Human emigration has been constant since leaving Africa. Native Americans are called Native because they were there before the Europeans arrived, but they had arrived from somewhere too.

  7. Wow, thank you for sharing this, Biden’s has truly embraced love for all races and these communities!

    1. Yes well, the former gal (last 1st lady not capitalized) didn’t even bother to play the party line. She didn’t bother with much of anything.

    2. @Suze she wasn’t required to care… contractually
      She had a jacket that explained who she is.

  8. If Biden is our modern FDR then we can proudly call Jill Biden our modern Eleanor who was a tireless civil rights activist and aid to the poor. She was a huge and steadying influence on her husband.

  9. Ilove this so much! I grew up on the Navajo Nation where my mom was a public health nurse. Such a great place to grow up and such lovely people (Diné).

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