First Look At The Article Of Impeachment Drafted Against Trump For ‘Incitement Of Insurrection’ 1

First Look At The Article Of Impeachment Drafted Against Trump For ‘Incitement Of Insurrection’


The draft of an article of impeachment against Donald Trump, drawn up by Democratic Congressmen Jamie Raskin Ted Lieu, and David Cicilline, is released. Democrats are setting up a possible vote to impeach Donald Trump for a second time by the middle of next week. Aired on 1/8/2021.
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First Look At The Article Of Impeachment Drafted Against Trump For ‘Incitement Of Insurrection’


  1. It cannot happen soon enough.
    GOP that doesn’t vote for impeachment of 45 and convict is a supporter and enabler of sedition and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    1. @Adam Bathon The Dems’ political calculation is that those who support impeachment will vote for them anyway, so they go for the wishy-washy centre. The GOP’s political calculation is that if they support impeachment they will get primaried and face the wrath of T’s base. So: primary every Dem who doesn’t vote to impeach.

    2. They don’t have enough time. The house has to hear arguments. Then pass it. Then a trial begins in the Senate. Them debating and going over all the allegations. Then they need a 2/3 majority. You need about 16 Republicans. It will not happen. If it did happen. Then Pence could pardon everyone.

    3. @Harpo Mianre You do realize that he can be impeached AFTER he leaves office, correct ???? They have all the time in the world. You have all these details, except one………it can be done after he leaves.

  2. Impeach, Imprison but DON’T Protect Criminals – Expose them – Especially this Lunatic Trump & his Enablers

    1. @Scott Greer Go take your meds…Supporting a Criminal & Con Man will scar you for the rest of your life. Keep wearing your ‘Red Maga Hat’ , it let us sane people stay well away from you

    2. @Dwarfy2k Wrong, David Duke supported Joe Biden in the 2020 election, fact one and Fact two, The Democrat Party after the Civil War started the KKK and there have been three phases, to the KKK. Each one resurrected by the Democrat Party. So tell me Dwarfy2k, why are skin heads and KKK members a far right wing group according to 2020 Democrats and not a left wing group? Because you are being fed lies by your party. You are the party of racism and the KKK, burning crosses and suppression of black votes. Martin Luther King was a republican. Governor Wallace was a Democrat. Why am I teaching the dumb radical left history? You are the party of racism, accept it and move on. Joe Biden eulogized Robert Byrd a during his funeral. You racist.
      Black lives Matter caused 2.5 billion dollars in damage. Did you condemn them? And Joe Biden and Stormy Harris paid for their bails and never condemned Anfia’s or black Lives Matter. I noticed the city burning stopped after the election. I do not condone any violence. How can you defend $2 billion dollars of damage.

    3. @Scott Greer you’re actively supporting domestic terrorism and sedition and no amount of diversions will change that. You’re anti-American, own it. #AmericaOrTrump

    4. @Scott Greer you “deal” in much brietbart, steve bannon, and qanon. Alternate facts, as kellyanne conway said.
      You wouldnt know truth from fiction.

    5. @Scott Greer i mean, wow dude, do you have any original thoughts or do you just repeat the alt right’s and aryian nation talking points?

  3. If Trump gets away with what he did the United States will never be taken seriously by any country in the future credibility gone.

    1. @Dillon McCluskey Have you gotten over Trump? Or do you still there was “tremendous fraud” and that the Democrats stole the election?

    2. @bobberguy1 What Hillary did during her political carrier does not compare to anything that Trump has done.

  4. So Trump can instigate a riot and put legislation live in danger. 5 people die and that is ok with the GOP. Sick

  5. Any republican that doesn’t support this should be impeached as well. Same applies to any Democrat that doesn’t support it too.

    1. I agreed he should be impeached any crimes should hold up even for Trump he is no better then us he reserves the same punishment as any American.

    2. It will be very interesting to see the vote. Republicans are all full of it at the moment, but they need to put their money where their mouths are.

    1. @Alex D You poor soul. You have been betrayed and lied to for long enough, don’t you think? It’s okay to let him go.

    1. The wordage “to grant” already does this. To grant in the constitution is consistently used to mean from one party to a separate party. Not to oneself.

    2. I guess I will self-pardon myself! So, “I am going to go rob a bank, if i get caught, I am pardoning my actions!” (Good – Yes, this should do it!) lol

    3. @Ethan S Doesn’t stop from pardoning all his co-conspirators. Further, it would be better to have more clear language than to leave for the courts to decide, and potentially get wrong.

    1. Pelosi on an up down vote for inlmpeachment: yes

      Pelosi on an up or down vote on Med4All:

      Everyone else: Bruh

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  6. Impeach Trump and charge Ted Cruz, Rudy Giuliani, Rubio, VP Pence, and anyone democratic and republican who participated in this assault on our democracy.

  7. According to the Constitution, Impeachment would also completely preclude any Trump attempt to pardon himself.

    1. I’m not sure pardons work on impeachment. Hence why there is already the one impeached asterisk next to his name still.

    1. We will if we don’t make a concerted effort to remember that a sitting president encouraged his cult to forcefully keep him in office. How many millions voted for tRump even after his horrible and deliberate mishandling of this terrible pandemic? Those supporters and his sycophants will continue to deny, distort, distract and deflect, all to keep Trumpism intact.

    2. @Christine King it’s all very sad and scary, America you have a huge job ahead of you….good luck,, stay strong, be United

  8. REMEMBER … it was Mitch whom didn’t allow credible witnesses to speak for a senate trial. Mitch could have prevented this DARK chaos.

  9. Hawley and Cruz’s careers are finished the tide of public opinion has changed and they will be swept away

    1. For the next few years Hawley and Cruz will be the poster boys of the anti Biden lunatic fringe and will easily get reelected .

  10. So last weekend Trump threatened and attempted to bribe an official, this weekend he invites insurrection. The GOP has become a sniveling bunch of rats if they refuse to impeach.

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