First Openly Gay Active NFL Player Donates $100K To he Trevor Project

Carl Nassib, a defensive end for the Las Vegas Raiders, is the first openly gay active player in the NFL. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.
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  1. The silky hardboard multivariably pass because shoulder similarly serve per a near oboe. mindless, agreeable fighter

  2. The sad part?

    He is long from being the first.
    Glad the “tough man” culture of the NFL is changing…

    1. @ernstbtmn “Let’s eat kids!” v. “Let’s eat, kids!” Little things mean a lot sometimes. Sorry for my snarky comment.

    1. @Frail Bones Biden
      No, he was talking about the first CANDIDATE, or at least he was trying to. Everybody agrees it was a stupid thing to say, but it is disingenuous to try to make it sound like some kind of evil racism.

    2. @Frail Bones Biden What-about-ism. Present relevant talking points, please. What you posted is an irrelevant rant, with no bearing on the topic at hand.

    3. @Frail Bones Biden Irrelevant to the discussion at hand. Doesn’t matter if they did happen, as you blundered into a discussion channel firing off irrelevant talking points. Stay on topic.

  3. I’m not sure diversity does work , humans have been around for 100,000 years or so and there is wars and fighting going on between people of different races and background and heritage and cultures and belief systems. So good luck In Fixing that

    1. @N W
      You missed my point, again. The fact that haters make it difficult does not mean that diversity shouldn’t happen. Knowing that there are other cultures and religions in the world is a positive thing; and how are we ever going to stop people from hating if they never even meet the objects of their hatred?

    2. @Jock Young so you have to educate and push diversity for all, the issue is we have to be diverse if your a middle of the road straight American (or any western civilised country ) then you have this agenda forced upon you but literally anyone outside of that doesn’t care . Where is diversity in the Middle East ? Israel is diverse but the Arabic countries are not , Japan isn’t diverse at all , look at African Muslim countries ? Diversity isn’t allowed. So your Homer Simpson type of guy in America as an example , he goes to work he has a traditional nuclear family is being told every day that he is bad , he is racist he isn’t diverse , but he is just doing his best for his family , but we have all these other countries and cultures that would end you for a dollar and they are being let in to the country and this is why people get angry

    3. @N W
      I agree that many East Asian countries and to some degree Arab countries are not so diverse (many Arab countries actually have quite a few minorities). But that doesn’t mean that every individual from those countries is intolerant. In fact they may be coming here BECAUSE they are sick of the intolerance back home. The point is that individuals are not bad people just because there is unrest on their home country.

    4. @Jock Young well jock we seem to have differing views here but you do stick to your guns and your comments are intelligent and respectful , I also believe you see the good in people and want everyone to get along for which I admire you , my views and thoughts are slightly more negative and I don’t see the best in people . So I wish you all the best and if everyone actually was like you the world probably would be a better place . However I have my doubts that will ever happen

  4. This is awesome. Challenge the concept of masculinity to free men to live the lives we want without judgement

    1. Remember when Democrats called themselves Redeemers and introduced Jim Crow or Jim Eagle laws?? Remember when Biden said Obama was the first clean intelligent black man???

    2. @Jock Young he said and I quote “Obama is the first main stream African-American who is articulate, bright and clean.” You should also see how he treated Clarence Thomas back in the 80’s. He also wanted segregated schools so his kids wouldn’t have to go to a racial jungle. Poor kids are just as bright as white kids. He also picked his vp on race. The list just goes on and on but trump is the racist lol He got y’all back in chains

  5. Love this!!! It’s so important for our kids to see that it doesn’t matter if you’re LGBTQ you can still be anything you want when you grow up!!

    1. You’re celebrating that he likes hairy man butt? Don’t have much going on in your life huh? Lol

  6. I think most players in any sport don’t put their race or sexuality in front of them,this is doing it,most just want to play,imagine if Brady came and said,I’m announcing I’m the first open white or I’m the first open heterosexual? . You’d get an adverse reaction. Nobodies claimed that but the things that brought all of us in the world is now seen as hate .

    1. Jim Thorpe was the greatest Olympic athlete of the 20th. His gold medals in the decathlon were taken away from him because he played baseball for a few dollars. Jim was Native American. His medals returned to his family decades after his death.

  7. I sincerely feel pity for the knuckle-draggers who would have a problem with this man playing in the NFL.

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