First person of colour nominated to the Supreme Court of Canada 1

First person of colour nominated to the Supreme Court of Canada


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Connect with CTV News:The judge poised to be the first person of colour on the Supreme Court of Canada says he experienced discrimination "as a fact of daily life" while growing up.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau nominated Ontario Court of Appeal Justice Mahmud Jamal to the top court Thursday to replace retiring member Rosalie Abella.

Born in 1967 in Nairobi, Kenya, to a family originally from India, Jamal moved two years later to Britain.

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  1. They are saying “The best thing about this nominee worth mentioning is his skin color”. If I were that nominee I would be offended.

    1. Why would you be offended?…..if he truly has half of his Brain still functioning…..he will sit back and reap the benefits-perks and MONEY of his new position. This is Canuckistan….you GRAB all the $$$ you can and Run with it!.

    2. @Langton Industries he is gonna be bias by his own acceptance too..
      skin begets skin issues..
      it is no true judge by doctrine

    3. @Nirmal Sadasivuni Better to be repulsive and Free ….than an obedient clueless ignorant slave to the Clowns in Ottawa.

    4. @Nirmal Sadasivuni Soooooooo all those that gave me thumbs up…..must also repulsive…!

      Am guessing you are so probably one of those experts that knows exactly how to “play the game”.

    1. thats all we need to know. today that is qualification for any desired position. its like going back in time, and seeing exactly how they reared the feminist “movement”.

    1. @davernrush I agree, I think ALL positions should be on merit. Perhaps in the future job interviews will be done like a “Voice” show

    1. They literally took away two letters and added two letters and think is is now acceptable. It is absolutely moronic.

  2. why now? i mean the hate and abuse was there prior still? so what makes a mind decide that this very instant is the right moment to do so considering that they never did so before? is this how discrimination and racism are maintained…by pointing out, and thus maintaining difference based on, variations in skin nuance and tone?

  3. Didn’t they say he spent his childhood in the UK? So all that discrimination that has to be resolved by a legislating judge should be happening in the UK not Canada

  4. skin color?..
    i hope he has complexion and an epidermis
    we are doomed if fruits take over the courts systems


  6. Yeah but what about “Speciesism”? Why aren’t their any cats or dogs in positions of power? Is our society that bigoted?

  7. So all they had to do was announce his appointment. Congratulate him and move on. Why point out that he’s a different “colour?” The whole announcement is racist.

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