1. Weird how inconsistent delivery services are. You get one worker who smashes your box, another who treats your package like a glass heart. Shame they can’t weed out the bad ones

    2. @OP W Ya bc you always get delivers in the same area. Expand your sample size and you’ll see they do an adequate job

    1. Hahahahahaha Once the government takes a right away, they seldom give it back. The mask was nothing more than a signal to the tyrannical government how easy it was for them to take away your freedom over something that clearly made no logical sense.

    1. No raccoons,crows,bears and rats get in there and they will get sick.I suggest putting them with nuclear waste.

  1. Yippy 30000 bottles of snake oil to cure all that hails you ! At least the snake oil the cowboy had was mostly booze so you could get drunk

  2. How much do you want to bet they’re just going to throw it on the porch from 15 feet away and someone will steal it?

  3. im over here wondering why im getting all these canadian news channels and i realised im using a canadian vpn :p

  4. Get the shot? In the long run it will cut your life span? Not enough test for me to decide if it’s the right call to get the shot not unless it’s mandatory.

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